JointMedica’s Polymotion Hip Resurfacing System Granted Breakthrough Device Designation

Exactech has announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted a Breakthrough Device Designation for JointMedica’s Polymotion Hip Resurfacing System. Exactech, a minority shareholder of JointMedica Limited, is collaborating with the United...

Paragon 28 Expands Soft Tissue Portfolio

Paragon 28 Inc., a medical device company exclusively focused on the foot and ankle orthopedic market, has announced an expansion of its soft-tissue portfolio with the launch of its Grappler Suture Anchor System. The Grappler Suture Anchor System provides surgeons an...

National Medical Billing Services Acquires Medi-Corp Inc.

National Medical Billing Services, a health care revenue cycle management (RCM) company serving the surgical market, has acquired Medi-Corp Inc., a nationwide RCM services provider specializing in anesthesia, ASCs and pain management. “This partnership will further...

Ga. Governor Signs Surgical Smoke Legislation

Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp recently signed several bills designed to benefit health care providers and patients in Georgia. The new laws will also strengthen the state's health care system, according to a news release. One piece of legislation signed into law by...

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Working With ‘Dominant’ Styles

Working With ‘Dominant’ Styles

By Daniel Bobinski, M.Ed. Among the world’s population are four basic behavioral styles. This isn’t a new discovery. At least as far back as Hippocrates, four different styles of behavior have been observed. Two thousand years ago it was thought those differences were...

How To Do Away With Resentment

How To Do Away With Resentment

Did you know that one of the best choices in life – even at work – is gratitude? Being thankful is like a magical elixir that erases tension, and the cool thing is we can choose it. Conversely, one of the more damaging choices we can make is resentment. Simmering with jealousy or bitterness creates barriers that inhibit teamwork and productivity.

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