National Employer Groups to Hospitals and ASCs: Participate in the 2021 Leapfrog Surveys

Today, every hospital and ASC across the country received a letter signed by four influential national employer groups—the Health Transformation Alliance, ERISA Industry Committee, National Alliance of Health Care Purchaser Coalitions, and the Business Group on Health—requesting their participation in the annual Leapfrog Hospital Survey and Leapfrog Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Survey.

Adapters to Test Light Cord Integrity

Healthmark Industries has introduced the Light Cord Adapters to its ProSys Instrument Care product line.

RSIP Vision Launches Advanced AI-Based Tool for Prostate MRI and Ultrasound Registration

RSIP Vision, an experienced leader in driving innovation for medical imaging through advanced AI and computer vision solutions, has announced a new prostate MRI-to-ultrasound registration tool.

USMI Developing the First Surgical Robot for Cancer Surgery

US Medical Innovations LLC (USMI) announced that it is developing the first robotic delivery system used for cancer surgery.

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Working With ‘Dominant’ Styles

Working With ‘Dominant’ Styles

By Daniel Bobinski, M.Ed. Among the world’s population are four basic behavioral styles. This isn’t a new discovery. At least as far back as Hippocrates, four different styles of behavior have been observed. Two thousand years ago it was thought those differences were...

How To Do Away With Resentment

How To Do Away With Resentment

Did you know that one of the best choices in life – even at work – is gratitude? Being thankful is like a magical elixir that erases tension, and the cool thing is we can choose it. Conversely, one of the more damaging choices we can make is resentment. Simmering with jealousy or bitterness creates barriers that inhibit teamwork and productivity.

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