Study Confirms Surfacide UV-C Kills SARS-CoV-2

A recent peer-reviewed study in the Journal of Clinical Anesthesia* found the Surfacide Helios® System UV-C technology is nearly 95% effective in preventing SARS CoV-2 in patient environments. This is the first clinical study that evaluates the use of UV-C in...

AORN Recommends Nasal Decolonization with PVP-I

The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) has announced its annual updated recommendations on the "Guideline for Preoperative Skin Antisepsis," to assist health care professionals in navigating risk-based decisions for developing preoperative...

New AAAHC Quality Roadmap Probes Data, Highlights Surveyor Insights

On June 16, AAAHC released its 2021 Quality Roadmap, a comprehensive analysis of data from more than 1,120 accreditation surveys conducted in 2020.

RSIP Vision Reveals New Module

RSIP Vision has announced its new surgical workflow analysis technology, which can intelligently identify each separate stage of a surgical procedure and label them accordingly throughout the duration of the procedure.

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gSource SQC Twist Drill gRack

gSource SQC Twist Drill gRack

The SQC Twist Drill gRack (gS 98.8187) stores 7 gSource SQC twist drills, 1 each (sold separately) 1.1mm to 3.5mm [.045” to .138”]. The drill rack folds to close for convenient sterilization and storage. When opened, it converts to a tabletop stand for use in the...

Healthmark SST-2136

Healthmark SST-2136

The SST-2136 is sized for complete surgical sets. The SST-2136 is ideal for retrieval of OR and OB instruments. Also, it is the right size for high volume ERs. It is available in three material configurations with a maxium temperature of 285°F for all Steristrainers....

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