Switching Directions from Saleswoman to Charge Nurse

By Matthew Skoufalos    May 2, 2016

When Mary Salabounis arrived at Aspen Valley Hospital in Aspen, Colorado, it was as a travel nurse. In the mountains…

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Ruhof Scopevalet™ Valvesafe™

Ruhof Scopevalet Valvesafe

Valvesafe™ is a single-use endoscope valve cage for the safe storage of endoscope valves….

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Olympus OER-Pro

Olympus OER-Pro Automated Endoscope Reprocessor

This Automated Endoscope Reprocessor is designed to comply with the most rigorous….

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Key Surgical Scope Tags

Key Surgical Scope Tags | OR Today Product Showroom

When was the scope processed? Did it pass the leak test? When does it need to be reprocessed? Who performed the pre-cleaning?

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HEALTHMARK Industries Brush


Healthmark Industries has added the Elevator Mechanism Brush to its ProSys Instrument Care line….

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