OR Today Magazine | Spotlight On: Pamela Moss

Spotlight On: Pamela Moss - Psyched About Helping People

By OR Today Magazine    July 6, 2015

Not til Pamela Moss graduated college with a psychology degree did she come to feel like that field might not be the best fit for her.

Product Showroom

Airista Hand Hygiene

OR Today Magazine | Product Showroom | Halyard Health AiRISTA Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring

Halyard Health has spent years researching and piloting hand hygiene monitoring technologies.

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3M – AvagardTM

OR Today Magazine | Product Showroom | 3M Avagard

For more than 10 years, 3M has offered hand hygiene formulations to reduce infections.

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SwipeSense – SwipeSense System

OR Today Magazine | Product Showroom | SwipeSense SwipeSense System

SwipeSense transforms the way health care organizations manage infection control.

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Ecolab – Equi-Soft™ Foam

OR Today Magazine | Product Showroom | ECOLAB Equi-Soft™ Foam Hand Soap

Ecolab has launched Equi-Soft™ Foam – a new mild antimicrobial hand soap for the healthcare environment.

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PURELL® – Waterless Surgical Scrub

OR Today Magazine | Product Showroom | PURELL® Waterless Surgical Scrub

This provides instant germ kill and persistent activity critical to the surgical environment.

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Biovigil Healthcare Systems

OR Today Magazine | Product Showroom | BIOVIGIL HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS BIOVIGIL System

Biovigil is an automated hand hygiene compliance and awareness system that promotes safety.

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Medline – Sterillium® Rub

OR Today Magazine | Product Showroom | Medline Sterillium® Rub

Medline’s Sterillium® Rub supports hand hygiene efforts to help reduce surgical site infections.

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