COR Medical Technologies (COR) has announced the appointment of John Scott as its Chief Technology Officer. In his new position, Scott is responsible for overseeing all technology-related aspects of the company.

COR Medical Technologies offers CORcare, a comprehensive instant decision support system for rapid and accurate diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up management of patients with acute and chronic, common and rare diseases involving the cardiovascular system.

OR Today | Industry Insights | News and Notes“John’s entrepreneurial vision and multinational technology experience, coupled with his digital communications technology patent knowledge, make him a valuable addition to our executive team,” said COR Founder and CEO Vincent Friedewald, M.D., F.A.C.C. “I look forward to working with John as we continue to expand the capabilities of CORcare.”

Prior to joining COR Medical Technologies, Scott was Group President at Andrew Corp. in Chicago where he was responsible for business development, creating a network products division through the purchase and management of various technology companies. Under his direction, the company was one of the first to link its headquarters with remote facilities in over 70 countries in real-time using an SAP enterprise system.

In addition, Scott did extensive work in China and Russia with The Peoples Bank of China and Nanjing Radio Company, where he focused on satellite communication equipment and fiber optic communications systems. He was also an electrical engineer at International Communications Corp., where he worked with the United States Department of Defense.

“CORcare has the potential to make a dramatic difference not only in the lives of patients, but also the health care professionals that serve them,” Scott said. “I’m very excited to be working with Dr. Friedewald and rest of the COR management team on this very important endeavor.”