dupoyDePuy Synthes Companies is offering health care professionals a new way to track and analyze patient data in real-time and a new program to improve patients’ experience with joint replacement surgery.

DePuy Synthes Companies is offering a subscription-based service called CareSense, a software solution that enables health care providers and institutions to collect and analyze real-time data. With CareSense, patient outcomes, patient satisfaction and cost information can be collected and evaluated before, during and after surgery, to help optimize care. The system makes it easy to conduct market research, administer patient satisfaction surveys, benchmark against peers, and analyze financial metrics. CareSense, which is licensed from Medtrak Inc. by DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction, is available globally through DePuy Synthes Companies that addresses specialties including joint reconstruction, trauma, spinal surgery and sports medicine.

While CareSense focuses on data collection and analysis, the video based Patient Athlete Program helps joint replacement patients take their experience beyond pain reduction to learning how to bring their full and best energy to the people and things that matter most in their lives — both before and after their surgery. The program includes self-guided lessons that a patient views four weeks prior to surgery and 11 refresher lessons to complete post-surgery. It provides patients with simple action steps and tools to help better equip them to understand how joint pain has affected all aspects of their lives, and helps them take steps to maximize their recovery.

Both CareSense and the Patient Athlete Program are part of DePuy Synthes Advantage, which offers customized, measureable solutions that help achieve triple aim performance – improved outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, and reduced cost. •

To find out more about the DePuy Synthes Advantage suite of solutions, visit www.depuysynthesadvantage.com.