An increasing population of vendors are visiting multiple facilities throughout the day often wearing a single pair of “street-scrubs” which contributes to possible cross contamination among facilities, and an increased risk of SSI.


repscrubsRepScrubs was developed by medical sales veterans recognizing the need for a solution to reduce infection risk associated with the unlimited and sometimes problematic access of sales reps to the core of the hospital’s clinical operations. The RepScrubs program was recently awarded a Premier Contract.

RepScrubs offers vendor management and cost reduction solutions. The RepScrubs program provides assurance that every vendor entering a sterile department is wearing clean prepackaged disposable polypropylene scrubs dispensed onsite, while shifting the expense of providing those scrubs back to the vendor.

The RepScrubs system offers hospitals a unique way of improving infection prevention and adherence to regulatory guidelines, reducing costs, and enabling hospitals to better control and manage vendor access. RepScrubs places a web-based cashless ScrubPort in the hospital. Vendors register on the RepScrubs website, create a PIN and vend a complete scrub outfit each time they enter a member facility. RepScrubs are made from an advanced SMS material that is strong, comfortable and completely recyclable. Each RepScrubs set includes shoe covers, a red bouffant cap and an expiring vendor identification badge that turns red after 8 hours. RepScrubs software and web-based reporting further allows hospital staff to monitor and manage the vendor’s access to ORs and clinical staff areas.

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