In 1991, Buffalo Filter was founded on the belief that there was a need to rid the world’s surgical environments of the hazards associated with surgical smoke plume exposure. Over the course of the last 25 years, Buffalo Filter has set the standard with state-of-the-art surgical smoke plume evacuation products and technologies; its education program has changed the way the global health care community sees surgical smoke.


“We have achieved this milestone through the hard work and commitment of our employees; together we have dedicated ourselves to 25 years of product innovation and excellence, consistently providing our customers with cutting edge technologies. We have taken the company from designing and producing the world’s most effective and intuitive smoke evacuators to now leading the industry in the design and development of surgical smoke evacuation pencils, non-powered laparoscopic smoke evacuation solutions and laparoscopic visualization technologies. I’m proud of our 25-year journey and where we are today, but this is only the beginning of a very exciting future for Buffalo Filter in surgical safety technologies” states Samantha Bonano, president and CEO of Buffalo Filter.

Buffalo Filter’s 25th anniversary will be commemorated with a variety of events and promotions and the company has a new brand identity symbolizing its continued growth and transformation as part of Filtration Group.

“We have modified our logo to be in sync with who we are, where we are going and to better symbolize a dynamic future as part of Filtration Group,” states Bonano. “While the logo is changing to better communicate who the company is today, Buffalo Filter’s core mission remains the same – to improve health care safety through the management of environmental risks and become a recognized brand in surgical safety.”