ampronix-hybridpixx-300x177Ampronix has announced the release of its ultra high definition medical display, the HYBRIDPIXX. The 8MP display is sleek and lightweight while delivering clear and consistent images.

“At 58 inches, the QFHD display and automatic luminance stabilization system ensure precise and reliable images, which will indeed make HYBRIDPIXX especially useful in hybrid operating rooms, where visualization is the key to performing minimally invasive procedures. But it’s not just limited to that – HYBRIDPIXX can be utilized for any surgical or interventional radiological needs, or anywhere else where monitoring is critically important,” according to a news release.

Upon request, Ampronix can also supply a HYBRIDPIXX video manager, which gives physicians the ability to select desired images from the display, making it an ideal candidate for large-scale viewing or multi-screen monitoring. With hundreds of potential layout options, the amounts of customization possibilities are infinite. The video manager also makes it easy to maneuver or scale images to customize viewing at the discretion of the individual. Additionally, it can input up to 27 analog or digital signals.