Quality improvement initiative certifies surgical residents as bilingual speakers

Communication between patients and health care professionals is essential to the safe and effective delivery of health care. More than 60 million residents of the United States speak a language other than English at home, with approximately 22% self-identifying as...

Lumendi Reports First Incisionless Appendectomy

Connecticut-based medical device innovator Lumendi LLC ( reports the first endoscopic appendectomy using its DiLumen Endolumenal Interventional Platform (EIP). A patient underwent the purely endoscopic endolumenal appendectomy to remove a lesion...

The Joint Commission: Some survey and review activities resume

The Joint Commission will resume some survey and review activities in June, according to its weekly newsletter Joint Commission Online. “The Joint Commission is committed to working closely with organizations, with safety being the first and foremost priority. As we...

Osso VR Delivers Exactness to Improve Global Surgical Outcomes

Osso VR, a validated virtual reality (VR) surgical training platform, is rolling out a new training experience in VR with an exceptional level of visual exactness surrounding every aspect, from anatomical detail to the OR environment. This novel immersive experience...

Webinar: Professional Development is Changing

The recent CCI-sponsored webinar “Professional Development in Healthcare is Changing. What Choice Will You Make?” received positive reviews from attendees.

The 60-minute webinar featured Jim Stobinski, CEO of the Competency and Credentialing Institute (CCI). American health care is changing rapidly through the ongoing transition to a value based system of care. Processes for ongoing professional development for American health care workers are also in the midst of large-scale change. In his presentation, Stobinski discussed factors causing changes in professional development practices. He also discussed the relevant organizations engaged in these changes. The evolving role of the registered nurse as the supervisor of unlicensed staff in the perioperative setting was also discussed.

“The OR Today webinar series is very informative and accessible in bite-sized chunks, convenient and provides CEs … thank you so much,” said M. Tuazon, clinical nurse educator.

“This presentation wonderfully outlined the changes coming in professional development for credentialing … I understand it so much better,” said J. Pirie, RN, learning resource manager.

“This webinar on the changes to come for certification was extremely informative. The future is indeed scary, but any new process is scary until we get used to them,” said M. Diaz, nurse educator OR.

“The webinar gave me great insight into the changes that are coming in nursing professional development and I think affirmed the need to be certified for both the benefit of the patients and myself,” said A. Lampani.

“Adjusting to the ever-changing health care environment is vital. As nurses, we must ensure we are serving our patients to the best of our ability through education and continuous learning opportunities,” said R. Hicks, RN.

“Jim’s presentation was realistic and gave me an idea of how I will have to plan for the professional develop of the nurses working in the ASC our company manages. I appreciated the frankness of the presentation. I believe I can help our team prepare to accept the new requirements of professional development and instill a sense of pride to become professionally competent,” said B. Kirchner, CNO.

“OR Today’s webinars are great. The topics are interesting. They usually stay on topic, are timely, and allow for interaction with viewers. They are usually timed for the lunch hour and they always provide numbers for contact people if you have a question later. Very user friendly,” said K. Stengel, quality and safety nurse specialist.

“I like the timeliness of the topics the OR Today provides,” said T. Stanford, division nursing analyst.

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