View Medical Inc. has announced a strategic partnership with Engineered Medical Solutions Company LLC (eMedsco), a manufacturer and distributor of LED cordless surgical lighting. As a result of the agreement, eMedsco will design, manufacture, and distribute View Medical’s novel SurgiLight product line.

“We are excited about the potential of this partnership. Our primary objective is to provide surgeons with a highly focused, yet flexible and adjustable LED lighting solution without the constraints of surgical headlights,” said Troy D. Drewry, chief executive officer of VMI. “eMedsco is the ideal partner to make this goal a reality. Their knowledge and experience in the design, manufacturing and distribution of LED medical lighting will allow us to significantly reduce our time to market and provide surgeons with our innovative lighting technologies.”

The SurgiLight by View Medical is a surgical lighting system that aims to provide surgeons with a safe and practical illumination device to focus on minute target areas. It connects to overhead surgical light handles, and features a long, flexible shaft that allows the user to direct the light onto the incision from any desired angle. The LED bulb provides a bright and localized light without the burden of heavy headlamps and wired systems. The attached battery pack delivers a long functional life, and eliminates the dangers and difficulties of existing lighting systems.

“This strategic alliance is mutually beneficial. The SurgiLight technology nicely complements our existing product portfolio,” said Dan Coppersmith, manager of eMedsco. “The SurgiLight product will benefit from our vast expertise in the medical lighting field. The SurgiLight will also provide our established distribution channels with another innovative lighting solution for customers.”