Versus Technology Inc. has released its new Wi-Fi locating platform and asset tag which, combined with its existing precision locating systems, create an effective and scalable RTLS available to health systems.

“With the addition of our V-Net real-time locating system platform and Asset Net Tag, health care facilities no longer have to choose between Wi-Fi RTLS and the precision locating Versus is known for,” says HT Snowday, Versus President. “The combination of precision infrared with the ubiquity of Wi-Fi are now available in one tag, leveraging the benefits of both options – benefits that are vital to deliver operational efficiency.”

With lower reimbursements and higher operational costs, health systems need solutions to optimize operations. Administrators require systems that can leverage existing infrastructure, yet still solve urgent issues such as increasing capacity through improved workflow, or enhancing patient and staff safety.

As a Cisco Solution Partner, Versus now offers hospitals the ability to leverage their existing Cisco infrastructure to track assets across entire buildings and the entire health system for enterprise-wide fleet visibility. When the hospital is ready to grow into advanced clinical applications that require precise locating, they simply add small, discrete wired or wireless infrared (IR) sensors where necessary.

This highly scalable, building block approach offers a wide range of proven RTLS solutions, including enterprise-level fleet visibility, par-level asset management, nurse workflow, and patient flow process improvement in the ED, OR, and hospital-wide.

A dual Wi-Fi and IR option for staff and patients, the Clearview Net badge, will be released in early 2016, extending the benefits of Wi-Fi RTLS to staff locating and patient flow.

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