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[Sponsored] GelPro Medical Corporate Profile

Since 2009 Let’s Gel, Inc. has been designing, manufacturing, and selling premium anti-fatigue floor mats for use by surgeons, nurses, and technicians during operating room procedures. The company has rapidly become one of the most respected providers in the medical comfort flooring solutions category, and has garnered praise from all medical divisions for its unique, innovative designs.

The company has recently introduced a new line of one-time use, disposable comfort floor mats in sizes that are appropriate for use on operating room floors and on surgical stools. More on the company’s latest offering follows below after a brief story of why Let’s Gel has become the most trusted name for comfort flooring products.


It all began in 2002, when Robb McMahan, an engineer by trade, was struck by the pain and discomfort his wife Lisa was enduring after long hours spent in the kitchen preparing meals. The family home included a tile floor in the kitchen – which Robb had installed himself – and although the flooring looked great, it clearly began to wear on Lisa’s legs and back as the time she spent standing on it grew. Robb and Lisa were determined to keep the fantastic looking flooring and solve her discomfort at the same time.

Lisa headed to a home improvement store where she bought some foam mats. They were small, did not match her kitchen’s décor, and offered nothing in the way of durability. In fact, a couple of drops of wine, a mishandled spoon of spaghetti sauce, or a visit from the family dog, and the mats were headed for the garbage. After several such episodes, Robb, who as you may recall is an engineer, decided he could solve the dilemma himself, much like he had done previously in his career with notebook computers, wheelchairs, and the like. Many endless nights and enumerable prototypes later, Robb developed an innovative, patentable mat with soft, shock absorbing polymer gel as the cushioning element. GelPro floor mats were born and Lisa’s discomfort problem was solved.

Now, sixteen years later, Let’s Gel, Inc., an Austin, Texas-based corporation, is the leading manufacturer and provider of innovative ergonomic flooring products for home, commercial, and medical use. That first GelPro residential mat was the genesis for GelPro Medical Mats and the basis for what has become a thriving relationship between medical professionals and the Let’s Gel team.

“The way we got into the medical market space wasn’t a genius move on my part. We constantly had hospitals contacting us about buying quality mats,” Robb says. “We had a surgeon, Dr. James Landman, M.D., contact us about conducting a study on our mats. Dr. Landman stated he would not perform surgery without one. We, of course, agreed and through that research we made modifications and even more improvements to our mat.”

Let’s Gel’s next self-imposed challenge was to find a way to improve upon those too small, unattractive foam and rubber mats that were lacking in durability and support for other areas of the hospital. That problem has now been resolved with the company’s NewLife Eco-Pro and NewLife Advantage product offerings. These mats are made of a proprietary Cellulon Polyurethane Technology, which stands up to the tough demands of a hospital environment. They provide a high- energy return factor that puts a little “spring” in your step. The lasting comfort will not bottom out and the mats are certified by the National Floor Safety Institute for a superior high traction bottom surface. Suffice it to say that these mats offer unmatched ergonomic comfort for products of their kind, while featuring low-profile durable edges.

Many of Let’s Gel’s NewLife EcoPro mats have found their way into operating rooms, as well as IR, cath, nurse stations, pharmacies and specimen labs across the world.


When medical professionals speak, Let’s Gel has a history of listening and taking action. The challenge the Let’s Gel engineering team was given was to create a cost-effective, one-time use comfort floor mat product that would be unrelenting in terms of comfort, yet allow hospitals to reduce labor cost on cleaning and re-stocking, reduce cost on cleaning agents, and reduce operating room turn-over time. For months the company worked on a solution and created the most ergonomic disposable surgical floor mat.

The GelPro Disposable Surgical Comfort Floor mat is now available in two sizes – 18”x30” for use on operating room floors and 13”x17” designed specifically for use on operating room stools. Conveniently sized and remarkably portable, the mat is a disposable, one-time comfort solution for surgeons, nurses, and technicians.

Each 18”x30” GelPro Disposable Surgical Comfort Floor Mat has a durable polyurethane top surface which makes it fluid, dirt, and stain-resistant. The mats are also phthalate and latex free, provide the necessary friction level for use with damp surgical booties, and include a slip-resistant bottom surface. The 13”x17” Surgical Stool versions of the GelPro mats include similar features, but have the additional benefit of beveled edges for added safety.


To support the growing medical demand for comfort, GelPro named Will Jones as Vice President of Medical Sales. Jones brings 33 years of experience in medical sales. He has a comprehensive portfolio which includes safe patient handling equipment and services.

For additional information on GelPro Medical Products, please contact Will Jones at You can also visit our website at


Let’s Gel continues to grow and additional new products, many of which will be used in the medical field by health care professionals and patients, are on the horizon. GelPro is proudly manufactured in the USA.



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