Lazurite Submits FDA 510(k) for ArthroFree Wireless Camera System

Medical device and technology company Lazurite Holdings LLC has submitted a 510(k) premarket notification to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its ArthroFree wireless camera system for minimally invasive surgery, and that the submission has been accepted...

Titan Medical Selects Benchmark to Manufacture Enos Robotic Single Access Surgical System

Titan Medical Inc., a medical technology company focused on the design and development of innovative surgical technologies for robotic single access surgery, announced today that it has signed a manufacturing and supply agreement with Benchmark Electronics, Inc. to...

National Medical Billing Services Announces Acquisition of mdStrategies

National Medical Billing Services (National Medical), an industry leading healthcare revenue cycle management company serving the ambulatory surgery center market, has acquired mdStrategies, a full-service medical coding company focused on ASCs. The combination will...

RTI Surgical Becomes Two Independent Companies

RTI Surgical will spin off its metals business, creating two independent companies that are focused on the needs of customers and patients in distinct market segments. Ownership of both companies will be retained by Montagu, a private equity firm.

[Sponsored] Corporate Profile: Innovative Medical Products

After 35 years of providing world-class patient positioning solutions to surgical teams, Innovative Medical Products Inc.® stands primed for a new era of growth and forward focus that will ultimately bring enhanced benefits to all of IMP’s customers.

Thanks to the acceptance of doctors, nurses, hospitals and surgical centers, Innovative Medical Products has been experiencing a period of sustained growth. As a result, IMP has seen significant expansion of engineering and the addition of state-of-the art machinery, to improve its product development, production and quality control. “Innovative Medical Products has had steady growth since its inception, and continuing that pattern, we are having our best year ever,” notes IMP Vice President Earl Cole.

According to Cole, the recent technology investments not only affirm IMP’s solid commitment to manufacturing and engineering but also help manage IMP’s success by staying ahead of the growth curve. Cole points out that IMP’s manufacturing facility in Plainville, Connecticut, is already outfitted to add more equipment as needed.

“Yet, we want our customers to realize we are not just a manufacturer – though an excellent one at that – but also a medical innovation company that has invented positioning solutions that have become the gold standard in their respective surgical specialties,” says Cole. “We are a strong, vibrant company because we have innovative products that effectively serve a very important medical niche and we are dominant players in that market.”

Of course, IMP’s recent advancements in the latest manufacturing technologies and its continuous development of new, innovative, patient positioning solutions doesn’t happen automatically. Rather, Innovative Medical Products’ success depends on a wide range of factors to produce unrivaled positioning solutions that are truly at the world-class level; including:


Since its establishment in 1983, Innovative Medical Products has been focused on developing and marketing innovative products to benefit and improve efficiency in the operating room and hospital clinics where patient stability and positioning are required. IMP’s primary focus is orthopedics, anesthesiology, and nursing support. Its products are designed to provide accuracy for the surgeon, save time for OR personnel, and benefit the overall patient surgical experience. “When patient care is the first priority, everyone benefits. That is and will always be the main mission of Innovative Medical Products,” says IMP President Jim Bailey.


In addition to its own research and development successes, advancements in minimally invasive surgical procedures (MIS) and navigation through computer-assisted orthopedic surgery (CAOS) have also brought about IMP’s innovative partnerships with world-renowned surgeons committed to improving patient outcomes and surgical techniques.

IMP began working closely with orthopedic surgeons in 1984 to develop patient positioners that were specific solutions to surgeon and operating room staff needs. Early collaborators included Dr. George McGuire, Green Bay, Wisconsin; Dr. William Capello, orthopedic surgeon, Indianapolis, Indiana; Dr. G. David Ritland, Hartford, Connecticut; and Dr. Steven Haas, New York, New York.

In 2001, IMP began its current relationship with Dr. Edward De Mayo, an orthopedic surgeon in San Francisco. Like some other orthopedic surgeons, Dr. De Mayo has a creative mind having designed things throughout his life, which helped him create devices to improve outcomes with orthopedic surgery. The De Mayo-IMP partnership has resulted in a number of innovative orthopedic solutions including the De Mayo Hip Positioner®, De Mayo Universal Distractor®, De Mayo Knee Positioner®, De Mayo Ankle Distractor™ and the De Mayo RoTractor®.

IMP has also collaborated with Dr. Alan Reznik, of the Orthopaedic Group, New Haven, Connecticut, on the Reznik Universal Shoulder Positioner®; and Dr. Frank Humbles, Conway, South Carolina, on the Humbles LapWrap®.

Besides its close collaboration with distinguished orthopedic surgeons, IMP itself has acquired more than 20 patents over its 35-year history, with multiple, additional patents pending. Renowned teaching hospitals specify IMP positioners and protective pads owing to their reputation and success. World-famous orthopedic companies have also relied on IMP’s high-quality and innovative devices to aid in their advancements in robotics, computer-assisted surgeries, and improved surgical techniques that enhance procedure performance, while reducing costs to hospitals and improving patient outcomes.


While CEO Alan A. Wasley credits IMP’s resiliency to product innovation and ingenuity, niche market targeting and the company’s ability to form productive alliances with economic growth agencies, he points out that, besides its 50-plus employees at the company’s corporate headquarters in Plainville, Connecticut, IMP depends on and shares its success with, a whole array of distributorships, sales reps, marketing personnel, financial professionals and other partners. “These folks make up a cadre of nearly another 200 to 300 people, who are intricately involved with and a real, integral part of our company,” Wasley points out. “We couldn’t be where we are today without the expertise, experience and loyalty of our wonderful workforce and staff and our superb support network.”


The growth and success of Innovative Medical Products has been built on a tradition of manufacturing the best quality, Made-in-America, products, supported by an unflagging resolve to change with the times and adapt to new technologies. Since its beginning in 1984, IMP has pioneered many advances in orthopedic and surgical positioning and has become a world leader in patient positioning devices. This ability to seize opportunities, chart new courses and wholeheartedly commit its resources to serving its customers’ needs are the secret of its success – something that has kept IMP in business for more than 35 years and will continue to do so well into the future.

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