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[Sponsored] Company Showcase: oneSOURCE

A Technology Solution for Managing Critical Biomed Equipment Information

With the oneSOURCE HTM Biomedical Database, healthcare technology management (HTM) managers will spend far less time and energy obtaining, verifying and managing biomedical equipment preventive maintenance and related documents. Instead, they’ll be able to focus on their true mission – efficiently maintaining this equipment to promote optimal patient care and safety.

The oneSOURCE HTM Biomedical Database

HTM managers will have 24/7 access to service and maintenance manuals from thousands of manufacturers. And the database is growing constantly as our team obtains new and updated material on behalf of our customers.

With this kind of critical information at their fingertips, technicians in every key department of the facility will save time and increase efficiency. They’ll be referring to the most recent information about the complex biomedical equipment in their care … information related to:

  • Maintenance
  • Testing
  • Parts breakdowns
  • Troubleshooting
  • End of life equipment documentation
  • Repair
  • Facilities also can use the oneSOURCE HTM

Biomedical Database to securely store their own alternative equipment maintenance (AEM) program guidelines and proprietary or purchased documents, making this a secure, customized repository for all their biomedical equipment maintenance information.

No more central storage headaches. No more time spent contacting manufacturers for manuals and updates. It’s all online, ready for review or download.

User-Friendly Features

The oneSOURCE HTM Biomedical Database interface (also available as an Android and Apple app) is carefully designed with intuitive user features and functionality.

  • Search by catalog number, manufacturer or equipment description
  • Maintain a list of frequently/recently used documents for even quicker access
  • Establish Favorites lists, sorting by technician, equipment type, maintenance schedule or other fields
  • Enter notes and customized instructions that will be shared throughout the facility
  • Click on the Table of Contents links in the manuals to go directly to that section
  • Access summaries of the pertinent cleaning, decontamination, assembly and sterilization information contained in the original documents
  • Download material from the database in Adobe files for emailing and printing
  • Interface with CMMS companies such as AIMS, EQ2 and MediMizer

We work with each customer to customize their Biomedical Database’s content and features. One subscription provides access to technicians and other users throughout the facility – from Central Sterilization to Infection Control to Risk Management.

Promoting Compliance

Adhering to these manufacturer preventive maintenance guidelines and also documenting your technicians’ ready access to this information can be a key element in meeting the compliance and certification standards established by organizations such as:

  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
  • The Joint Commission (JC)
  • The Joint Commission International (JCI)
  • Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare (AAAHC)

Partnership with Manufacturers

More and more manufacturers are seeing the value of working with oneSOURCE to efficiently send new and updated biomedical equipment preventive maintenance information for their customers.

We upload these manufacturer documents exactly as we receive them. Manufacturers have complete control of their information, working through their own secure portal to verify and review their material.

Some manufacturers choose to charge for these documents or require a facility to prove training before they release them. In these cases, the facility can provide the documents to us once they receive them and we upload them to the facility’s secure portion of the database, accessible only to them.

If you would like to manage your critical responsibilities more efficiently with 24/7 access to the oneSOURCE HTM Biomedical Database service, contact us at 800-701-3560 or if you are interested in a free webinar, email us at

About Us

Formed in 2009, Best Practice Professionals Inc. (dba oneSOURCE Document Management Services) also offers database services featuring the most complete collections of:

  • Instructions for Use documents from medical device manufacturers
  • SDS/MSDS and Instructions for Use documents from dental equipment, instrument and consumables manufacturers

At oneSOURCE, we work with outstanding healthcare technicians every day – from our own employees who manage this document service to the facility-based HTM professionals who need this information at their fingertips.




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