I knew from the time I was in high school that I wanted to be a nurse., When I graduated from nursing school, I couldn’t wait to begin my career. I worked at a large metropolitan hospital on a renal unit. The patients I cared for often had several comorbidities: diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, hypertension, as well as renal failure. While it was a great experience that helped develop my nursing and critical thinking skills, I didn’t truly love it. It just felt like a job, and I questioned my decision to become a nurse. It was disheartening to think that what I had wanted to do for most of my life may not have been the right choice.

After about a year, the hospital I worked at realized they had a significant shortage of OR nurses and started an “extern program” to train floor nurses to become OR nurses. I knew very little about OR nursing but was excited at the idea, so I applied. After interviewing with the OR Director, I was offered a position. That’s when it happened; that’s when I found my passion for nursing. I loved the atmosphere and the fast-paced, often intense cases. I loved the teamwork and communication that’s required to keep patients safe. I loved the focus on one patient at a time. I even loved the quirky and sometimes difficult personalities. Working in the OR changed my feelings of nursing from “just my job” to “nursing is my career.” To this day, I love the OR and everything I learned in that experience.

Over the years, I worked in a variety of OR settings and in a variety of roles. Eventually, I transitioned into more informatics-focused positions, and moved into the perioperative IT vendor world. I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to help hospitals utilize analytics solutions to achieve their clinical and business goals. I feel fortunate to work with a variety of hospitals around the country, and still be connected to the OR. Looking back over my time as a nurse, I would never have thought I’d be where I am today, continuing to grow and develop in my career, and still so happy to be part of the nursing profession.

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