The recent BD-sponsored webinar “Vacuum-Assisted Hair Removal In The OR; Value And Optimization” was a hit with operating room professionals. Lena Pearson, BSN, MHA, CNOR, Medical Science Liaison, Infection Prevention Surgical and Interventional Specialist for Becton Dickinson’s Infection Prevention Division discussed vacuum-assisted hair removal (ClipVac™, BD) and how it is a proven surgical hair removal method that eliminates the need to use adhesive tapes to collect dispersed hairs from the operative field. She reviewed the rationale for surgical hair removal, the guidelines, data supporting the ClipVac™ system and tips to optimize its use in your OR.

Pearson is a specialist in skin antiseptics, prepping techniques, surgical/vascular process improvement and standardization. She is accountable for the exchange of unbiased information with the health care community as a subject matter expert. Since joining BD in 2006, she has been a fundamental link between science, sales and the health care community by providing evidence-based data with a procedural focus to standardization in which she has published articles. She is accountable for researching protocols and surgical process standards for quality improvement.

Webinar attendees shared positive reviews and comments on Pearson’s presentation.

“The BD webinar for clipping and containing hair was very well done, lots of good information, especially regarding contamination and tape rolls, as well as the proper procedure for using the clipper to avoid damage to the skin,” said J. Schoen, Clinical Nurse Educator.

“The webinar gave a great overview of the issues including infection issues and a demo of the product,” said L. Smithzuba, Director of Perioperative Services.

“Informative webinar on a rarely talked about subject for infection prevention,” shared Dr. R. Mathias, Surgeon.

“The presenter hits home with the main objectives and keeps a very dialed in, detailed approach to what is most important regarding the topic,” said M. Imperati, Surgical Specialities Territory Manager.

“The webinars provide those of us in the field a collaborative approach to reviewing evidence-based practice and allowing us to provide the best care possible to our patients,” said S. Mittler, Senior Clinical Consultant.

“As a clinical engineer some topics may be out side of my scope practice but most of the webinars give me a deeper understanding of emerging technologies as well as the changes in practice since I worked in the OR,” J. Marsala, Director of Clinical Engineering.

“I always appreciate the wide variety of webinars that OR Today provides. They are always helpful to our practice,” shared M. Gavilanez, RN, Infection Control Preventionist.