‘Eye-opening’ OR Webinar Receives High Marks

The February 20 OR Today webinar sponsored by RepScrubs was described as “very interesting” and “eye-opening” by more than one attendee. The session “OR Food for Thought – LITERALLY! What Are We Bringing Into Our ORs and Why?” was presented by Dr. John Kutz, FACS,...

Study: UV Technology Raises the Standard in Disinfecting ORs

Ultraviolet (UV) technology developed by the New York-based firm PurpleSun Inc. eliminates more than 96 percent of pathogens in operating rooms (ORs) and on medical equipment, compared to 38 percent using manual cleaning methods that rely on chemicals to disinfect...

Agiliti Acquires Mobile Instrument Service & Repair Inc.

Agiliti Inc. has acquired Mobile Instrument Service & Repair Inc., the third largest provider, by revenue, of surgical equipment repair services to the U.S. health care industry. The transaction was priced at 11x the company’s 2019 Adjusted EBITDA. “Mobile...

Northwell to Open 4 Cardiac Catheterization Labs

Three Northwell Health facilities – Lenox Health Greenwich Village, Mather Hospital in Port Jefferson and Plainview Hospital – have received approval this month from the New York State Health and Health Planning Council to establish cardiac catheterization labs,...

Nihon Kohden Introduces Next Generation NK-HiQ™ Enterprise Gateway Platform

Innovative Platform Consolidates Multiple Applications and Integrates Patient Monitoring Data, Saving Hospitals Time, Space and Money

Nihon Kohden, a U.S. market leader in precision medical products and services, today announced the launch of its NK-HiQ Enterprise Gateway, the next-generation platform that integrates data from Nihon Kohden patient monitoring devices and consolidates multiple applications into a single powerful platform. As the backbone of the Nihon Kohden Patient Monitoring System, the NK-HiQ Enterprise Gateway offers clinicians easy access to patient information regardless of location, and saves time, space and money.

Powered for enterprise-level health systems, the NK-HiQ Enterprise Gateway grows with the needs of a hospital or integrated delivery network. When fully deployed, the platform can support up to 2,000 devices and 300 remote viewing clients.

“As technology has advanced, hospitals and integrated delivery networks have shouldered a greater and greater burden to build vast IT infrastructure and dedicated rooms that don’t always deliver an improved clinical experience,” said Harsh Dharwad, vice president and chief technology officer for Nihon Kohden America. “We have developed a platform that helps hospitals reduce its IT footprint while facilitating a safe and seamless flow of patient information from admit to discharge. Ultimately, this allows IT to help lead the transformation in healthcare through data integration.”

NK-HiQ Enterprise Gateway is designed to support seven key gateway extensions and applications, which allow clinicians to access complete patient information anytime, anywhere, when fully deployed:

  • AWARE® alarm management and reporting software application assists clinical teams in identifying, managing and responding to critical alarms.
  • NK-HiQ CNS remote client provides secondary monitoring of up to 16 patients who are centrally monitored on Life Scope Central Stations
  • NK-HiQ ECG server extension receives 12-lead ECG waveform data directly from bedside monitors and forwards the data to compatible third-party ECG management systems
  • NK-HiQ HL7 server extension enables the efficient transfer of essential patient information, including ADT and patient monitoring data, to almost any HL7-compliant electronic medical records system
  • NK-HiQ Pager server extension forwards alarm and arrhythmia notifications to third-party communication devices
  • NK-HiQ Wireless server extension enables Nihon Kohden WLAN patient monitors to leverage a hospital’s WiFi infrastructure investment or operate on a stand-alone Nihon Kohden wireless network
  • ViTrac® remote viewing for iOS devices provides a secure method of remote viewing for a range of Nihon Kohden-generated patient data

By implementing NK-HiQ Enterprise Gateway, hospitals are able to reduce the footprint of the server by up to 90 percent, reduce the amount of time spent managing servers and decrease overall power consumption.

“Data is essential to make effective clinical decisions on behalf of patients,” said John Korney, vice president of marketing for Nihon Kohden America. “At Nihon Kohden, we are breaking down barriers to this data, providing hospitals and health systems a path to true clinical integration. Using the NK-HiQ Gateway Enterprise, clinicians have access to the right information at the right place and in the right time.”



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