The Right Pillow-Healer is an organic, customizable, washable and reusable back sleeping pillow created to minimize post-op movement and increase comfort while recovering. This pillow’s design cradles the patient’s head, neck and shoulders keeping their body and spine in a neutral position, allowing for better rest and less movement while healing.

The Right Pillow-Healer, is the medical version; designed specifically for the medical industry, and it’s improving the way people heal post-op. It allows patients to sleep in a supported, natural position without the need for multiple pillows around them, holding them still and in place. Allowing the body to relax and rest means less pain and decreased post-op trauma.

The Right Pillow is made in the USA with environmentally sustainable and certified organic materials. The reusability, washability and longevity of the pillow means less waste in the landfills, less expense for disposal and much happier and healthier post-op patients.

The reusability of this pillow is due to the fill – an organic, shredded latex, which is perfect for machine washing and drying as needed. Organic, shredded latex fill is extremely durable, environmentally friendly and does not give off harmful or dangerous fumes. Shredded latex provides comfort and adjustability, allowing for personalized contouring per patient.

The Right Pillow offers several versions of the pillow, using organic wool or organic latex fills. The Healer was designed for medical use, maintaining quality and comfort while enduring frequent washing, while the two other versions are designed for single-owner use. The Right Pillow uses only certified organic materials: latex, wool and cotton for our products because the company believes in providing environmentally sustainable and healthy products. •

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