COVID-19 to impact general surgery procedures in U.S. in 2020, says GlobalData

Most of the hernia procedures to be performed in the U.S. will be delayed due to the COVID-19 crisis, with the exception of a minority of symptomatic cases, but will start to resume towards the end of the second quarter (Q2) of 2020, according to data and analytics...

3NT Medical Announces FDA Clearance for Colibri Endoscopy System

3NT Medical, a privately held corporation dedicated to developing single-use specialized endoscopes for the diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose and throat (ENT) disorders, has announced the FDA 510(k) clearance for the Colibri Micro ENT Scope, the world's first...

ASCA Supports ASC Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Bill Prentice As I write this message, COVID-19 cases in the U.S. are continuing to rise and health care providers, federal and state officials and private citizens across the country are beginning to come to grips with the magnitude of the response needed to...

Challenging Assumptions, Evaluating Routines Can Aid Quality

By Nicholas Schmitz, PMP, LSSBB Across our personal and professional lives, we all fall into many routines; it’s part of how we’re able to perform so many different tasks every day. Have you ever arrived at work (or home), only to realize you don’t even really...

New PhantomMSK Trauma Application Receives FDA 510(K) Clearance

OrthoGrid Systems, Inc., a global medtech leader in alignment technology for orthopedic surgery, announces today that its newest application, PhantomMSK Trauma, has received 510(K) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

OrthoGrid Systems’ PhantomMSK is a universal software platform that works with all manufacturer devices across multiple procedures to assist with implant, instrument and anatomic alignment that use fluoroscopic imaging. It is the only intraoperative alignment technology on the market to correct the phenomenon of image distortion in orthopedic surgery, attributed to external electromagnetic interference and the mapping of the planar image on a curved input phosphor, affecting image integrity and causing potential risks of malalignment.

The new Trauma application joins several others on the PhantomMSK platform, including the Hip and Hip Preservation applications, that contribute to improved surgical accuracy and efficiency, leading to better patient outcomes.

The PhantomMSK Trauma application uses software features in conjunction with proprietary algorithms to correct fluoroscopic image distortion. To operate PhantomMSK Trauma, a fluoroscopic image is acquired from a C-arm displayed outside the sterile field, where the image analysis tools can be used at the surgeon’s discretion. OrthoGrid’s intelligence-guided systems are designed to work within the surgical theater flow and interface with existing hospital equipment leading to greater precision and contributing to reduced hospital re-admissions.

“This milestone represents years of scientific research and data, product development and our commitment to empowering surgeons in the OR with advanced decision support tools,” said Edouard Saget, co-founder and CEO of OrthoGrid Systems.

“We will continue to innovate in the market by using emerging technologies in an effort to drive value-based care that benefits patients, hospitals, and surgeons,” added co-founder and CEO of OrthoGrid Systems, Richard Boddington. The PhantomMSK Trauma application will be available in Spring 2020.

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