With burnout levels at an all-time high, even the best nurses are unknowingly making mistakes and upsetting patients. Some are so frustrated they are giving up on their life’s work and leaving their careers. This is all due to the massive hole in every nurse’s education. Nurses receive no training on stress management and burnout prevention. That can all end now.

Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN announces the release of her new book, “Stop Nurse Burnout – What to Do When Working Harder Isn’t Working.” This is the first field manual for any nurse in any specialty to lower their stress levels, create more life balance and a more ideal career.

“Nurses are often the canary in the coal mine of medicine and that has to change. The most successful health care organizations in the years ahead will be those who take excellent care of their providers and staff. ‘Stop Nurse Burnout’ is an authentic breakthrough as the first burnout prevention self-help manual for the modern nurse,” Scala says.

Each of the tools in “Stop Nurse Burnout” has been field tested with hundreds of practicing nurses. Each technique stands on its own and will lower nurse’s stress at work and/or increase their ability to recharge while off the job. For no additional charge, Scala also provides additional tools and in-depth assistance with their implementation through free membership in her website for book purchasers.