Lazurite a Reseller of LG Surgical Monitors

Medical device and technology company Lazurite Holdings LLC announced that it is working with LG Electronics USA as a reseller of LG’s high-performance surgical display monitors. “We’re delighted to announce that we are working with LG Electronics USA as a reseller of...

Lazurite, Minnetronix Medical Make New Wireless Surgical Camera a Reality

Lazurite and Minnetronix Medical have announced that the ArthroFree Wireless Surgical Camera System has achieved its final major milestone on the way to market: its first successful human use and the completion of its transfer to manufacturing. ArthroFree is the first...

Henry Schein Medical Helps Amplify Value of ASCs

Henry Schein Medical, the U.S. medical business of Henry Schein Inc., is helping to amplify the value ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) bring to patients, providers and the health care ecosystem overall. The company recently featured key learnings and viewpoints from...

Encompass Presents New Patient Warming Blanket

Encompass Group LLC is showcasing Nova – the patented next generation patient warming blanket at The Georgia Council of perioperative Registered Nurses conference. “Years of research and development have led us to this innovative patient warming system,” says Michelle...

Movano Ring Company Eyes FDA Submission

Movano Inc., a purpose-driven healthcare solutions company at the intersection of medtech and consumer devices, announces today the successful completion of a study with the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) to assess the accuracy of the Movano Ring’s blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate data. With results that exceeded the requirements of the industry standard used by FDA for evaluating SpO2 devices, this successful study is a promising step toward the company’s goal to provide medically-validated data to consumers and healthcare professionals.

The study was conducted on seven subjects of mixed genders and ethnicities and followed the same protocol that we expect will be required by the FDA for the submission. Wearing a Movano Ring prototype and reference devices within a controlled environment, each participant’s oxygen levels were driven down to as low as 70 percent and then back up to 100 percent to test the accuracy of Movano’s device during mild, moderate and severe hypoxia. The prototype also measured heart rate during this time and participants’ heart rate varied from 60 to 120 beats per minute as they were being deprived of oxygen.

In comparing the overall accuracy of the Ring’s data with that of the reference devices, the Movano Ring resulted in a 2% margin of error, well below the FDA’s 4% requirement for SpO2. In addition, the Ring also estimated heart rate with accuracy commensurate with the FDA’s standards.

As Movano eyes its first FDA submission, validating the device’s ability to measure blood oxygen levels, heart rate and other vitals is a top priority for the company. Based on the positive results from this study, Movano plans to conduct a larger pivotal study for the FDA submission later this year.

“The FDA has a high threshold for accuracy and requires an extensive investment by any company to prepare to meet these standards. This hypoxia study is a promising display of the quality metrics our ring can deliver,” said John Mastrototaro, CEO of Movano. “While this outcome is an exciting step toward the FDA submission, what it really means for consumers and healthcare providers is we’re one step closer to being able to trust and utilize the ring data in a meaningful way.”

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