Medrobotics Corp. has received FDA clearance to market the Flex Robotic System and is initiating commercial launch in U.S. hospitals. It received European CE mark clearance in March 2014.

medrobitics“The Flex Robotic System is the first and only robot-assisted surgical platform with a flexible scope cleared by FDA for use during transoral procedures,” said Samuel Straface, Ph.D., president and CEO of Medrobotics. “The minimally invasive system enables surgical access and visualization in hard-to-reach locations through a single site. Doctors can then complete procedures that might otherwise be difficult, or even impossible, to perform due to inability to visualize or access the site.”

The Flex Robotic System employs a flexible robotic scope that moves through the body’s natural twists and turns. Once the surgeon reaches the desired vantage point, the scope becomes rigid to form a stable surgical platform. The onboard, high-definition vision system makes it possible to see and operate with a range of flexible surgical instruments. The unique “wristed” 3mm Flex Instruments allow the surgeon to operate precisely in confined spaces.

Minimally invasive surgery has demonstrated advantages for patients and providers compared to traditional open procedures, decreasing hospital stays and recovery times. The Flex Robotic System was designed to provide an affordable, easy-to-use robot-assisted surgical platform for hospitals and surgeons seeking to provide minimally invasive treatment options to the broadest number of patients possible.