Getinge has announced the U.S. launch of its Maquet Moduevo ceiling supply unit product line. These ceiling supply units have a number of new technical innovations that address the risk management needs of hospital operating rooms (OR), intensive care units (ICU) and emergency departments (ED).

Moduevo ceiling units are designed to help hospitals enhance efficiency by allowing staff to create customizable workstations to meet their changing needs. This helps staff simplify daily tasks and streamlines clinical workflows, thereby increasing productivity in operating rooms, intensive care units and other health care environments and, in turn, lowering operating costs.

Today’s health care organizations must operate as efficiently as possible in an ever-changing environment while balancing budgets without compromising the quality of care. Given the need to meet these imperatives, raising productivity is crucial – and demands imaginative solutions,” said Chris Odom, president, surgical workflows at Getinge. “Moduevo represents a significant evolution in our ceiling supply unit offering. We designed this product line to have a best-in-class range of features and capabilities, and to ensure that vital utilities and equipment are easily accessible so hospital staff can configure their ideal working environment and focus on the patient, rather than on the equipment and utilities. In addition, having a system that can be easily and quickly adapted to new procedures or room configurations minimizes financial risk for the facility. The U.S. launch of Moduevo is a testament to our ongoing commitment to provide our customers with a one-stop solution for the medical technology, support and services they need to provide patients with the best care possible to achieve optimal outcomes.”