FDA, Cardinal Health Assess Scope of Potential Contamination Risk

Dr. Jeffrey E. Shuren MD, JD, Director - CDRH Offices: Office of the Center Director, released the following statement on Thursday (January 16, 2020): “On Jan. 11 and again on Jan. 15, 2020, medical device manufacturer Cardinal Health alerted its customers to...

U.S Health System Uses Medtronic Stealth Autoguide Cranial Robotic Guidance Platform

Phoenix Children’s Hospital is the first-ever health system in the U.S. to receive and deploy the newly FDA-cleared Medtronic Stealth Autoguide platform.

Cook Medical TriForce Peripheral Crossing Set Now Available

Cook Medical’s TriForce® Peripheral Crossing Set is now commercially available. As of January 2020, these products are available to physicians in the United States to support procedures to treat patients with vascular obstructions.

PENTAX Medical Launches IMAGINA Endoscopy System in U.S.

IMAGINA offers practitioners a modern user interface and unique endoscope design to provide excellent visualization, improve the operator experience and positively influence long-term patient care costs.


Global Provider Continues to Expand Product Portfolio

Minneapolis – August 8, 2019 – Key Surgical LLC, a leading global provider of sterile processing, operating room, and endoscopy supplies, announces the addition of an enzymatic detergent and a pre-cleaning solution from Dr. Weigert, the leading authority in Europe for medical decontamination chemistries. With the new additions, Key Surgical continues to offer a comprehensive portfolio to hospitals and surgery centers for manual cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of surgical instruments.

Key Surgical is the only distributor to introduce Dr. Weigert products to hospitals in the United States: neodisher® MultiZym, a detergent for manual cleaning, and neodisher® PreStop, a spray foam used for pre-cleaning in the operating room. MultiZym and PreStop been used in CSSDs throughout Europe with proven success delivering effective, efficient cleaning results.

Dr. Weigert MultiZym is a multi-enzymatic detergent that delivers maximum cleaning results through a combination of three classes of enzyme: protease, lipase, amylase. MultiZym is specifically formulated for use in manual cleaning in sinks, immersion baths, and ultrasonics and features simple dosing. This pH neutral, low-foaming detergent is formulated to be safer for personnel and the environment while still delivering maximum results as it’s free of boric acid, borates, perfume/scent, and dye making it a user-friendly solution in the CSSD.

Material compatibility includes surgical stainless steel, optics, standard synthetic materials, anodized aluminum, silicone, and materials used in anesthetic equipment. MultiZym is available as a 1.32 gal (5 L) bottle.

Dr. Weigert PreStop is a pre-cleaning product designed to apply to instruments after use in the operating room and before further reprocessing can occur. PreStop is an easy-to-use spray foam and helps prevent the growth of micro-organisms, corrosion, and potentially irreparable damage on instrumentation. Prevents the drying of surgical residues by keeping the instruments wet. Instruments treated with PreStop can be stored for up to 72 hours before reprocessing. Each bottle of PreStop is 25.4 fl oz (.75 L) and is packaged 12/case.

“Introducing an enzymatic detergent and a pre-cleaning product to our line is something we’re very excited about,” Alana Suomela, Director, Corporate Marketing at Key Surgical beams. “Customers have asked us for solutions like this (pun intended) and we’re thrilled to continue to support them with these new products; allowing them to focus on excellence in instrument reprocessing as it directly affects patient safety.”

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