Innovative Medical Products has announced the Estape TrenMax positioning system that provides OR staff an alternative to foam-based solutions and a more secure way to position patients for Trendelenburg surgical procedures. The new system was displayed at the 2016 AORN Conference and Expo.


estape-trenmaxThe key component of the TrenMax Positioning System is IMP’s proprietary Phase 4 adhesive gel pad. Combined with other TrenMax anchoring mechanisms, the sticky pad, positioned on top of the system’s base pad, prevents patients from moving or sliding off the OR table. For maximum stability and patient safety, the TrenMax system also includes: eight straps, four on each side, extending from the base pad to lock the pad into place on the OR table rails; strips of hook material for attaching the gel pad to the base pad for superior holding power; four patent-pending clamps that tightly secure the base pad straps affixed to the OR table; and a simply designed strap arrangement for holding patients’ arms securely at their sides during surgery. This last component allows access for leads and IVs.

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