About 15 years ago, IMP began manufacturing what was to become the company’s “gold standard” in patient positioning for knee surgeries – the De Mayo Knee Positioner, a solution that allows for precise control of flexion, internal and external rotation, and extension of the knee during surgery.

Used in conjunction with the De Mayo Universal Distractor, the De Mayo Knee Positioner is like having “another pair of hands” in the operating room, freeing up OR staff for other time-saving responsibilities.

The De Mayo Knee Positioner is secured to the OR table by the De Mayo Push Button Clamp, an operating table rail clamp that significantly decreases OR set-up time. The clamp is fastened to the operating table simply by squeezing its top and bottom jaws closed on the table’s rail and then locking into place with a twist of the device’s knob. The clamp is quickly and easily removed by pushing the release buttons on the device, lowering the bottom jaw of the clamp.

Manufactured in two different configurations, the De Mayo Push Button Clamp-Standard can be used with the De Mayo Knee Positioner, De Mayo Ankle Distractor or any of the IMP table accessories that require a dual post locking clamp for sterile applications. The De Mayo Pin Locking Push Button Clamp adds additional security when the knob is tightened; the middle jaw locks onto the pins for a more stable construct.