2021 IAHCSMM Annual Conference & Expo: Boost Quality and Safety in SPD, OR & Beyond

Those who attend the 2021 IAHCSMM Annual Conference & Expo this October in Columbus, Ohio, will learn from some of the industry’s most renowned and respected experts in the field. Attendees will glean valuable information they can take back to their departments to drive better outcomes for their health care customers and patients who rely on clean, sterile and well-functioning instruments.

3 Questions to Help You Find the Right Anesthesia Machine for Your Facility

Before choosing a new anesthesia system for your practice, make sure you have a firm understanding of the features and specifications that will best suit your unique needs, making it a worthwhile investment for your facility.

Clarifying Scoring in Instrument Handling and Processing

As an infection preventionist (IP) working in the Standards Interpretation Group of the Joint Commission, an important function of my job is to answer infection prevention-related questions from health care organizations.

The Importance of Early Career Certification

In an increasingly demanding hiring market those now entering nursing, or committing to a specialty such as perioperative nursing, will maximize their opportunities with certification.

Healthmark Industries Acquires McGan Technology, LLC

Healthmark IndustriesHealthmark has announced the acquisition of McGan Technology LLC that takes effect immediately.

McGan Technology LLC has been an industry leader offering insulation testing device designed to electrically test electrosurgical instruments. The low-frequency high voltage McGan Insulation Testers are used to detect and locate defects such as pinholes, cracks, and bare spots in the jacket or coating of laparoscopic and bipolar electrosurgical instruments.

They are handheld, portable units that test the insulation integrity of electrosurgical equipment for flaws in protective coatings applied over conductive instrument surfaces to prevent inadvertent tissue burns, which may occur during electrosurgical instrument procedures.

Manufactured with a rechargeable battery, the McGan Insulation Tester maintains applied test voltage with a constant current source, features full test current at low voltages, limited output current for operational safety, and easy-to-read LED Indicators, as well as an LED display of alarm and battery charge.

Healthmark looks forward to expanding the global distribution of the McGan Insulation Testing Devices to help eliminate incidents involving electric shock due to inadequate surgical device insulation.

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