Healthmark Industries announced the addition of the Quick Turnover 2-Part Clean-Dirty Label to its labeling line.

Designed as a communication tool for health care workers transporting items considered clean or a biohazard, the Quick Turnover 2-Part Clean-Dirty Label allows individuals to note items that are required for upcoming procedures and time needed. The tags ensure that health care staff can safely identify the status of equipment as each tag is brightly colored for high visibility.

The Quick Turnover 2-Part Clean-Dirty Label is roughly 3-inches by 5-inches with two perforated tabs; a green tab with “TRANSPORTATION TAG” in black text, a red bottom with “QUICK TURNOVER” in black text along with a space to indicate items and time needed, as well as a green tab with “CLEAN” in black text and a fluorescent orange bottom featuring a biohazard symbol with “DIRTY” and “BIOHAZARD” in black text. The tag has a removable OSHA compliant adhesive backing that’s easy to apply.

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