encompass-reusables-lac-mac-200x300Through a partnership with Canadian based Lac-Mac, Encompass Group LLC is offering significant innovations in reusable OR gowns and drapes in the U.S.

Paragon style level 4 and level 3 surgical gowns are uniquely designed and incorporate R-MOR-Tex liquid-proof or liquid-resistant barrier fabric in critical zones and features a distinct neckline that wicks away moisture and eliminates chafing. Lac-Mac has an industrial design patent in Canada and the U.S. for this gown.

Reusable drapes which can be made to mimic single-use drape features offer an opportunity for facilities currently using disposable drapes an easy way to transition into a more complex reusable product.

The OR is the biggest user of medical supplies in any facility. The decision to use disposable or reusable gowns, drapes and mayo covers can impact cost and provider comfort.

“In selecting drapes and gowns for a facility’s OR, there are six major considerations: safety, performance standards for barrier protection, comfort, cost, environmental impact, and evaluation process,” said Angie O’Connor, RN, BS, CLLM, Director Clinical Resources, Acute Care, at Encompass Group LLC. “All OR drapes and gowns are considered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to be medical devices, and as such are held to AAMI and ANSI standards for protection against fluids and pathogens.”