Encompass Group LLC has announced more size options for the Albahealth EssentialCARE Anti-Embolism Stockings.

“With proper sizing and application of anti-embolism stockings being the key to comfortable and effective DVT prevention therapy, a vast size offering is imperative. To further support proper sizing and address our customer needs, EssentialCARE Anti-Embolism Stockings product line now features 12 additional sizes,” said Jennifer Woody, senior marketing manager for Albahealth. “We now offer 32 sizes from small through 3X-Large in multiple lengths, so we can accommodate the majority of the patient population.”

Features of EssentialCARE AES include: color-coded heel positioner for proper heel and ankle placement and easy size identification, moisture management to move fluids and body oils from skin to surface of the fabric quickly to speed drying and for better laundering, two-way stretch fabric allows stocking to conform to shape of limb, and premium elastic top keeps stocking in place without causing tourniquet effect.