Altapure’s Technology Achieves High Level Disinfection of N95 Safety Masks

Altapure, LLC, an innovative technology and manufacturing company dedicated to providing high-level disinfection products to medical and long-term care facilities, today announced new data evaluating two of its devices for the disinfection of personal protective...

MediCapture Launches TRS Pro Wireless Medical Tablet Recorder System

MediCapture announced that it is launching the TRS Pro, a new and convenient approach to how surgeries are recorded and managed. The first of its kind, TRS Pro comes with MediCapture’s advanced MVR medical video recorder and a wireless tablet that can be connected to...

Agreement Brings NomoLine Capnography, O3 Regional Oximetry to Select Patient Monitors

Masimo and Royal Philips announced that they have reinforced their partnership, whereby Philips will integrate additional Masimo measurement technologies into select IntelliVue MX-series multi-parameter monitors, to help clinicians assess cerebral oximetry and...

FDA Letter: Use Correct Cycle When Decontaminating Respirators with STERRAD Sterilization Systems

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reminds reprocessing staff in health care facilities to use the correct decontamination cycle associated with certain models of the Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) STERRAD Sterilization Systems and to only...

ECRI Institute Receives $2.4 Milliom Clinical Excellence Grant

ECRI Institute announces a $2.4 million grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to ensure that the healthcare community has free access to trustworthy clinical practice guidelines. The ECRI Guidelines Trust™, a rich repository of evidence-based guideline briefs and scorecards, is available to the public at no cost through this grant. Medical professionals rely on expertly vetted clinical practice guidelines to support safe and effective patient care.

Since its launch in November, more than 4,000 clinicians, medical librarians, and academic researchers from 60 countries around the world have registered for free public access. ECRI already has over 700 guidelines represented on the site through collaboration with developers whose guidelines meet ECRI’s inclusion criteria. The Guidelines Trust currently contains expertly-vetted briefs, TRUST Scorecards, and links to full-text guidelines.

“To help providers apply high standards of clinical excellence, we designed our TRUST Scorecards with a 5-star rating system that makes it easy to see how the guidelines comply with Institute of Medicine standards,” says Karen M. Schoelles, MD, SM, FACP, vice president for clinical excellence and safety at ECRI Institute. “This goes beyond the rigor and transparency that we had provided in the National Guideline Clearinghouse.”

Guidelines from nearly 60 developers, medical specialty societies, and other healthcare organizations are already included at the site, which will continue to grow. ECRI’s strict conflict-of-interest policies ensure evaluations are unbiased, fact-based, and free from industry influence.

“We are pleased that our funding enables ECRI Institute to not only provide open access to this crucial patient care guidance, but enables them to continuously innovate,” says Diane Schweitzer, acting chief program officer, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. “ECRI Institute is respected around the world for their work in improving the safety and quality of patient care and is highly qualified to lead this initiative.”

ECRI Institute developed the Guidelines Trust after substantial federal funding cuts forced the shutdown of the National Guideline Clearinghouse™ (NGC), which ECRI Institute developed and maintained for 20 years.

The next phase of the Guidelines Trust will feature advanced search capabilities, an enhanced user interface, and support for guideline implementation and decision-making. For information and to register for free, visit or e-mail



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