Ultrapotent compound may help treat C. diff, reduce recurrence

Clostridioides difficile, or C. diff, is the leading cause of health care-associated infection in the U.S. Only two antibiotics, vancomycin and fidaxomicin, are FDA-approved for the treatment of C. diff, but even these therapies suffer from high treatment failure and...

Tampa General Hospital, Philips announce partnership

The seven-year agreement will upgrade technology throughout the hospital and improve efficiency Tampa General Hospital (TGH) and Royal Philips announced they are creating a long-term strategic partnership designed to keep Tampa General Hospital at the forefront of...

PENTAX Medical Launches Bronchoscopes, Video Processor in U.S.

PENTAX Medical has launched the EB-J10 Series Bronchoscopes in the U.S., with FDA 510(k) clearance, along with a new DEFINA Video Processor. As the newest HD solution in pulmonology, the EB-J10 Series Bronchoscopes offer crisp, HD visualization of the bronchus, along...

Nautilus Medical Launches All-in-One DICOM Surgical Recorder

Nautilus Medical Technologies has announced an advanced all-in-one surgery recorder, named TeleRay Record, for use with any endoscope, headset, c-arm, vascular, ultrasound, c-arms and more. Users will be able to store up to 150 hours of HD medical videos form a...

ECRI Helps Reduce Costs Amid Pandemic

ECRI recently released an enhanced value analysis workflow solution that drives team transparency, clinical engagement and improves efficiency of the medical product decision-making process. ECRI’s Value Analysis Workflow empowers supply chain leaders, value analysis teams and clinicians to reach consensus on complex technology purchasing decisions based on sound clinical evidence.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is tightening financial pressures on an already strained health care system,” says Marcus Schabacker, MD, PhD, president and CEO, ECRI. “Our new value analysis workflow adds much-needed transparency, safety and clinical evidence assurance that leaders can rely on to stretch scarce resources when selecting new patient-care technologies.”

ECRI’s Value Analysis Workflow integrates pricing and utilization analytics, evidence-based assessments and comparative product evaluations to reduce clinical spend and enhance patient outcomes.

The cloud-based project management tool includes three major enhancements:

  1. Visual workflow. Increases efficiency by providing organization-level transparency on the status of any project under consideration
  2. Mobile notifications. Makes it easy for clinicians and value analysis members to review, research and approve project tasks directly from mobile devices
  3. Automated decision logic. Automatically routes supporting financial, technical or clinical evidence to the correct person for approval ensuring the right people are making the best decisions

The workflow application adds efficiency by integrating clinicians and all members of the value analysis team into the process, streamlining decisions. Hospital Sisters Health System, a multi-institutional health care system in Illinois and Wisconsin, shortened request turn-around times by 76 percent, reducing the time to completion to approximately 14 to 18 days.

“Unlike other workflow solutions, ECRI embeds trusted, unbiased clinical evidence analysis and guidance into our services to inform clinical decisions and improve patient outcomes,” says Karen Schoelles, MD, vice president, clinical excellence and safety, ECRI.

This latest product release enhances ECRI’s proven suite of technology decision-making tools and personalized services that help hospital leaders achieve immediate cost savings without compromising patient care. Thousands of health care organizations worldwide rely on ECRI’s experience in delivering strategic, evidence-based technology management guidance.

ECRI is actively assisting health care organizations with COVID-19 preparedness resources and services. Its public-access COVID-19 Resource Center includes best practices for infection prevention, medical device guidance on PPE, ventilators, and infusion therapies, and clinical evidence assessments on coronavirus-related treatments, therapies, and interventions. ECRI is also providing members with open access to COVID-19 recovery-related guidance, tools and resources across its entire solution suite.

To learn more about ECRI’s Value Analysis Workflow or to request a demo, contact ECRI at 610-825-6000 or



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