The De Mayo V2 E Knee Positioner, from Innovative Medical Products, is useful for orthopedic surgeons performing unicompartmental replacements where the surgical site is on the inside of the patient’s knee.

IMP’s positioner uses a patent-pending sterile extension arm that extends the knee positioner base plate off the end of the OR table, enabling the surgeon to stand between the patient’s legs and allows the surgeon the ability to look straight down onto the surgical site. Surgeons no longer have to lean over the OR table when performing procedures. IMP is the first company in the marketplace to make and sell a sterile extension.

Besides its innovative benefit for surgeons, the De Mayo V2 E Knee Positioner increases patient safety with new features to the knee positioner’s locking mechanisms. The system’s carriage has been fitted with a sliding bar, the Varus Tilt Control, that prevents a patient’s knee/leg from tilting out, regardless of patient height or weight. Patients stay solidly in place during the entire surgical procedure, while still allowing the surgeon to adjust the rotation, flexion and extension of the knee. The V2 E Knee Positioner also comes with an optional new handle on the carriage for ease of locking the boot.

The De Mayo V2 E Knee Positioner has been made lighter, without decreasing its positioning strength. Hospital staff can easily disassemble the system’s carriage for cleaning, as well as easily replace the plastic Teflon pad used to slide the carriage back and forth on the positioner.