Getinge Announces Medical Device Recall

Getinge has announced a global medical device recall related to specific Sevoflurane vaporizers for Flow Family Anesthesia systems. To date, no patient or operator adverse events have been reported. Getinge has reported to relevant authorities according to applicable...

Research: Medical Instrument Processing Personnel May Be Exposed to Tissue, Blood and Patient Fluids Despite PPE

“This pilot documented substantial splashing and droplet dispersal during manual cleaning of medical instruments, and personnel got wet even though they were wearing all the recommended PPE,”

New Scrubs Made of Bacteria-Killing Textile

Livinguard, a Swiss-based leader in self-disinfecting hygiene technology, has launched an apparel line of permanent self-disinfecting scrubs, underscrubs and lab coats utilizing its EPA-registered bacteria-killing textile. Livinguard scrubs, that continuously...

Finnish Startup Surgify Shares New Bone Cutting Technology

Finnish startup Surgify – that recently launched an all-new and innovative surgical technology that allows surgeons to perform surgical operations on bones faster and safer – has seen its first use cases on patients, according to a news release. The first surgeries...

Corporate Profile: Cincinnati Sub-Zero

OR Today: Please share a little bit about your company’s history and how you achieved success.

Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ), a leading provider of temperature management equipment for over 70 years, serves medical and industrial industries with high quality temperature management products and services worldwide. Although our products are specific to each of our three divisions, Medical, Industrial and Testing, each division leverages and builds upon the successes of the others.

The Medical Division designs products with both the caregiver and patient in mind. Products are designed for patient comfort and ease of use with innovation and one of a kind products used to manage patient body temperature in the operating room, recovery room, intensive care units, and other areas of hospitals throughout the world. CSZ has delivered patient temperature management systems to healthcare professionals since 1963. Our complete line of hyper-hypothermia products include therapeutic heat therapy and cold therapy units along with a complete line of warming blankets and cooling blankets for body temperature regulation and hyper-hypothermia treatment.

Cincinnati Sub-Zero understands the pressure faced by healthcare professionals today to reduce costs without sacrificing patient safety, comfort, and quality of care. CSZ provides solutions to help meet your needs with a full line of temperature management products.

OR Today: What are some advantages that your company has over the competition?

At Cincinnati Sub-Zero we put the needs of people first. All of our products are built at our Cincinnati, OH facility. You’ll notice the difference in every aspect of our work, from the quality of each product straight through to the variety of products and services that we offer. You’ll be at an advantage when you work with CSZ.

We are proud of the quality, design and engineering of each of our products. When you work with Cincinnati Sub-Zero you can be assured that you will get exactly what you need to deliver top-rate care. We are positively known throughout the healthcare community and our certifications show our commitment to topquality total patient temperature management.

OR Today: What product or service that your company offers are you most excited about right now?

Right now we are focused on promoting our Hyperthermia system called the Norm-O-Temp along with our Gelli-Roll blanket.

The revolutionary and simpleto-use Gelli-Roll® combines patient temperature management and comfort. It can be used for patient warming or cooling (with the Blanketrol), before, during and after surgery. It is a reusable water blanket encapsulated in Akton® polymer.

The Norm-O-Temp® is a whole body hyperthermia system that allows conductive warming therapy to be administered. It can be used in the operating room, pre-op, recovery, emergency department or any department in need of patient warming therapy.

Here is what one user has to say about the Norm-O-Temp and Gelli-Roll system.

“Gel pad water blanket warming was more effective in maintaining normothermia after cardiac anesthesia compared with convective warming. This can be considered an advantage as the gel pad system is easy to use and quiet. Gel pad warming has replaced underbody convective warming during cardiac anesthesia at our institution.” — Charles E. Smith M.D., MetroHealth Medical Center, ASA Poster, November 2009.

OR Today: What is on the horizon for your company? How will it evolve in the coming years?

Cincinnati Sub-Zero is a leader in Temperature Management and we are always looking towards the future. We believe it is vital to our business to listen to the wants and needs of our customers. The feedback our customers provide helps us to improve our product designs and continuous improvement efforts. We will continue to introduce cutting edge temperature management products to improve patient outcomes.

OR Today: Please share some company success stories with our readers—one time that you “saved the day” for a customer.

Cincinnati Sub-Zero is very proud of its products and the lives that can be saved with when using them. Two stories that can be found on our website ( are about 2 little girls who’s lives were saved with our products. Mia Ordway and Avery Fitzgerald were both born with HIE (Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy). Both babies were treated with induced hypothermia and cooled with our Blanketrol III. The treatment was able to help them heal and give them a normal life. Both are healthy toddlers now.

Another story about a life that has been saved with our products is about soccer player, Fabrice Muamba who suffered an on-field cardiac arrest. The 23-year-old midfielder’s heart stopped for 78 minutes following his collapse and he was rushed to London Chest Hospital for induced hypothermia treatment. Cincinnati Sub-Zero’s products were used to treat Fabrice, he has been blessed with a positive outcome.

OR Today: What is your company’s mission statement, or if you don’t have a specific one, what is most important to you about the way you do business?

Cincinnati Sub-Zero’s Mission: Our mission is to deliver world class temperature management solutions to our customers right the first time.



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