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Company Showcase: Doctors Depot

Quality Stressed at Every Level

Doctors Depot focuses on providing the highest quality refurbished anesthesia machines, monitors and related products. Highly skilled, manufacturer-trained technicians complete all the work in-house.

Doctors Depot is a true stocking dealer. The company maintains a large inventory from the top manufacturers. Doctors Depot also provides new and refurbished parts and a depot repair service. A steadily expanding inventory, plus service, parts, and even financing options, make Doctors Depot a customer friendly company.

Doctors Depot Founder and President Aaron Frye says he began offering a depot repair service so his customers could avoid paying the flat rate from the manufacturer for simple repairs. He troubleshoots over the phone, and the customer decides whether to send the equipment in or have Doctors Depot send the parts for the repair. Plus, both new and used parts provided through the depot repair service come with a one-year warranty.

Doctors Depot’s repair business is largely an extension of its refurbished equipment business. The company has been in business for more than a decade, and along with all the repeat business, Doctors Depot has caught the attention of several large health systems and doctor’s offices across the nation.

Customers are being forced to replace their existing equipment, but what many don’t realize, Frye reveals, is that Doctors Depot stocks refurbished versions of the most current models, at a price point that is much lower than buying brand new.

“We sell the newest models that are still supported by the manufacturer,” Frye says. “You cannot tell the difference between a new machine and one of our refurbished machines, and I can typically save my customers 50 percent on most machines.”

“One of the advantages Doctors Depot has over our competitors is our specialization,” Frye explains. “We are extremely specific and specialized to anesthesia machines and patient monitors. Our narrow specialization keeps our overhead at a minimum, which enables us to beat anybody’s price without cutting any corners, and most important, quality. Our techs see the same narrow spectrum of equipment day in and day out, so they’re truly experts on it.”

“For every piece of equipment Doctors Depot refurbishes, the company has a technician certified by the OEM to work on that equipment,” Frye says. “Our refurbishing process is the most extensive process that can be done. We don’t cut any corners.”

Doctors Depot’s refurbishing process includes extensive cosmetic and technical procedures. The cosmetic refurbishing includes a new paint job, all the metal is refinished, and anything else that doesn’t look new is replaced. The technical refurbishing goes beyond the manufacturer’s PM procedures. Doctors Depot replaces everything that could wear out over time. Finally, calibrations and extensive testing procedures ensure the machine is running like new. All procedures are completed to manufacturer’s specifications.

“I’ve put one of our machines next to a brand new machine, and you cannot tell the difference,” Frye says.

The appearance of the devices is important, but customer satisfaction is Doctors Depot’s top priority. Frye knows that if you don’t treat each customer as if they’re your only client, then they will seek business elsewhere.

“Every piece of equipment we sell comes with a 100 percent money back satisfaction guarantee. If anything is not as we described when received by a customer, they can return it for a full refund or an exchange. Plus, everything we sell comes with at least a one-year warranty,” he explains.

A Legacy of Successful Business

The son of Eastern Anesthesia Service Inc. (EAS) founder William Frye, Aaron Frye learned at a young age the ins and outs of the refurbished medical equipment market. Not only did Frye’s father build EAS, which he established in 1967, into a lucrative independent service organization for North American Draeger and Datex-Ohmeda Anesthesia Machines, he also modeled successful business practices for his son.

Frye incorporated what he learned from his father’s business into his own company.

“Being a field tech for EAS, I saw a need for high-quality refurbished equipment that could compliment EAS’ service,” Frye says. “I worked with EAS for about five years before starting [my own business].”

By establishing a company that addressed the other side of the anesthesia market – selling refurbished equipment – Frye could better meet the needs of customers.

“As new products are introduced to the market, our techs complete training schools for that equipment,” Frye says.

Not only does this ascertain that the products Doctors Depot sells are top-notch, it also serves as the ultimate model of quality assurance for customers.

However, what makes Doctors Depot truly unique, Frye says, is his level of personal involvement with his company. Unlike corporations in which the top executives remain relatively hands-off of the equipment, Frye completes most of the technical procedures himself and maintains a hands-on approach.

“I personally supervise the refurbishing process of every piece of equipment that goes out our doors,” Frye reveals. “I believe that this is important because no one cares more about the quality of the product than the owner of the business.”

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