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Company Showcase: Cygnus Medical

Cygnus Medical™ provides innovative medical products and services. A leader in the industry, Cygnus Medical does more than listen to customers. The company develops unique, industry-first solutions to specific problems found in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

An early example of Cygnus Medical’s dedication to its customer base was the creation of the first-ever immediate bedside cleaning kit for endoscopes.

Prior to the introduction of the First Step™ Kit, the bedside cleaning of flexible endoscopes was a cumbersome step that was often skipped. Although society standards and manufacturers’ instructions for use required bedside cleaning, properly preparing the detergent and dispensing it uniformly was difficult. The First Step Bedside Kit simplified the endoscope cleaning process by providing the supplies needed to prevent bioburden from drying and solidifying in the endoscope’s channels. Today, industry compliance has dramatically elevated, and bedside endoscope cleaning is recognized as an essential step in the cleaning process.

First Step Kits are available in Ready-to-Use and Add Water Kits. Ready-to-Use Kits offer convenience of use, which increases staff compliance and turnover time. The ready-to-use detergent ensures a properly mixed formula every time. The combined effect is 100% compliance, 100% of the time. The 500 ml Add Water Kit offers ease of storage and a reduction in shipping costs because water is added at the point of use.

The Kits are 100 percent compliant with SGNA and manufacturers’ guidelines, safe for use on all flexible endoscopes, and available with a variety of cleaning pad options, including the popular Draco Microfiber Deep-Cleaning Pad. First Step Pouches are also user-friendly and space-efficient. All First Step Kits ensure the proper dilution of enzymatic detergent, and are available in 100 ml, 200 ml and 500 ml sizes.

All Kits contain Simple2™ Multi-Tiered Enzymatic Detergent and an endoscopic cleaning pad. Simple2 effectively dissolves blood, fat, tissue, protein and other forms of organic material. Simple2 is low-foaming, non-toxic, non-corrosive, latex-free, neutral pH and safe to use on all flexible endoscopes.

As the market transitioned into single-use options for transporting soiled endoscopes, most options offered little to no support or protection for the scope. As a rigid disposable option, the Oasis™ Scope Transport Tray was the first disposable tray suitable for clean and soiled instruments.

Lapses in the cleaning of reusable endoscope transport trays can lead to cross-contamination in the surgical work area. The Oasis Scope Transport Tray offers an economical single-use alternative that protects patients and staff from contamination and infection. Bedside cleaning is performed within the Oasis Tray, keeping residual run-off contained. This creates a cleaner work environment and reduces the risk of hospital-acquired infections. Oasis Trays are latex-free and are made of a biodegradable plant-based material. This is a 100 percent renewable resource reducing the facility’s carbon footprint. The Tray’s rigid construction protects and contains endoscopes during transport and is large enough to safely hold an endoscope without damaging it. The Oasis Tray’s color-coded reversible lid clearly differentiates clean (green) and soiled (red/orange) scopes. They are space efficient, stackable and nestable. Also, the trays meet SGNA recommendations for transporting soiled scopes in a closed container to prevent the spread of infection.

Instruments leaving a clinic need to be properly contained in a closed container with a biohazard label. Red containers holding clean instruments and unmarked containers are leading to Health Department and Joint Commission citations.

Expanding on the concept of the Oasis Tray’s rigid single-use containment for clean and soiled instruments, Cygnus Medical recently released the steam sterilization compatible SingleCycle™ Disposable Instrument Tray. Made of a biodegradable renewable resource, SingleCycle Trays are perfect for instruments traveling to and from clinics.

Healthcare studies and data continue to show the limitations and ineffectiveness of manual cleaning products for flexible endoscopes. Cygnus Medical has taken the amazing properties of microfiber, and adapted it for use in cleaning difficult to reach endoscope channels.

The patented Dragontail™ cleaning element is constructed of multiple lint-free Draco™ microfiber strands that are able to capture particles at a 4 micron level as it passes through the endoscope’s channel. Unlike bristles or silicone discs, which glide over adhered contamination, the microfiber cleaning element detaches, captures and removes gross contamination. In a comparative study, under identical conditions, the Dragontail™ Channel Brush cleaned 468 times more contamination than a traditional style channel brush.

For years many companies sold corner guards as a solution for preventing rips in their sterile wrap. Corner Guards are placed on the tray corners beneath the CSR wrap. This may offer some protection, but unfortunately tray corners are rarely the main cause of damage to the sterile wrapping. In some cases the corner guards within the wrapping, may actually contribute to moisture collection problems, like wet packs, that can compromise sterile wrapping during steam sterilization. 

The Tray Belts™ solution began as a simple concept … if you put on knee pads to protect your pants from being ripped, would you wear them inside your pants or outside? From this concept the Tray Belts™ Sterile Wrap Protection product was born.

Tray Belts offer more complete protection than corner guards. Tray Belts are applied to the exterior of the wrapped tray. They cushion and protect the sterile wrap completely. They protect wrapped trays from the external damage that can occur during sterilization, storage and transport. The Belts also prevent abrasion marks and damage caused by dragging the wrapped tray. Since Tray Belts are applied to the exterior of the sterile wrapping they don’t collect moisture, like corner guards.

When it comes to economics, Tray Belts are the clear winner over corner guards. The amount of Tray Belts™ material needed to protect a tray is relative to the tray size. For large trays, whether you are using Tray Belts or corner guards, the cost is about equal, but if you are using Tray Belts, small and medium trays cost less per tray to protect. This isn’t the case with corner guards, four corner guards are needed regardless of tray size. Large or small, there is no reduction in cost, the price to protect a tray with corner guards is fixed.

Tray Belts are compatible with steam sterilization. Tray Belts are also available in BeeSafe™ Honeycomb material which is compatible for use in low-temperature sterilizers.

These are just a few of the innovative products Cygnus Medical offers its healthcare customers.

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