Three Heart Surgeons Discuss How to Beat Aortic Dissection’s Ticking Clock

Participating in this Q&A article are Bilal Shafi, MD, from Sutter Health in Santa Cruz, California; Wilson Szeto, MD, from Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Grayson H. Wheatley III, MD, Wheatley Surgical in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Joint Commission, Joint Commission Resources Launch Data Transparency Initiative

The Joint Commission and Joint Commission Resources (JCR) Inc. have announced a new data transparency initiative – Data Analytics for Safe Healthcare (DASH).

Aerobiotix Announces FDA 510(k) Clearance of Medical Ultraviolet Air Filtration System

Aerobiotix Inc., a manufacturer of air treatment devices for hospitals and health care, has announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance of the Aerocure-MD medical air purification system.

AAAHC Releases Updated Toolkit Outlining Ambulatory Procedure Considerations for Obese Patients

To help ASCs implement necessary precautions and prevent negative outcomes for obese patients, the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) has published a fully revised Ambulatory Procedure Considerations for Obese Patients Toolkit.

CIVCO Medical Solutions, Philips HealthTech Partner on High-Level Disinfection Systems

CIVCO Medical Solutions, a manufacturer of ultrasound infection control, high-level disinfection and needle guidance devices, has announced a new partnership with Philips HealthTech, a leading medical device solutions and services provider, to advance the availability of the ASTRA automated high-level disinfection system for ultrasound probes and other high-level disinfection accessories within the North American market.

Philips now offers ASTRA TEE and ASTRA VR to customers as a reliable and efficient disinfection system to safely reprocess ultrasound transducers.

“We are proud to partner with Philips on the sale of our ASTRA line to their extensive installed base and with new ultrasound system sales,” said Brad Dunlap, vice president of business development at CIVCO. “As a market leader in high-performance TEE transducers, we are excited to support Philips customers’ safe and effective transducer reprocessing with ASTRA TEE, as well as to expand our market coverage for reprocessing transrectal and transvaginal probes with ASTRA VR. We look forward to extending this partnership to offer additional solutions for Philips ultrasound equipment.”

Philips and CIVCO have an extensive history of collaborating on innovative products. CIVCO designs and manufactures custom needle guides for Philips ultrasound systems and transducers, including the groundbreaking VerzaLink direct-attach needle guidance system for Philips probe mC7-2. Philips also utilizes the ASTRA disinfection system to reprocess ultrasound transducers at its Bothell, Washington, distribution center.

ASTRA is a validated automated reprocessor for Philips TEE, vaginal, and rectal probes, and its compatibility is outlined in Philips’ “Disinfectants and Cleaning Solutions for Ultrasound Systems and Transducers” user manual.

The ASTRA TEE and ASTRA VR ultrasound probe disinfection systems provide:

  • Compliant Workflow
    • ASTRA’s barcode reader eliminates manual data entry and allows for automated logging and consumable tracking to stay compliant with The Joint Commission standards.
    • Clear, simple steps walk the end user through the disinfection process to ensure a compliant reprocessing workflow.
  • Workflow Savings
    • Reduced disinfection costs by utilizing industry-leading, reusable high-level disinfection solutions such as Revital-Ox RESERT, MetriCide OPA, or CIDEX OPA.
  • Optimized Speed
    • Up to two ultrasound transducers can be reprocessed at the same time, allowing for an efficient workflow and quick turnaround of probes to help reduce procedural delays.
    • Rapid disinfection and rinse speed with only a 10- to 16-minute total cycle time, depending on the type of probe and HLD solution.
    • ASTRA eliminates the need to watch and monitor the process. No sleep cycle, no risk of over-soaking.
  • World-Class Service
    • CIVCO offers professional installation, in-service, and training to ASTRA customers.
    • On-site service with same-day response helps keep a facility or department running efficiently.

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