Office based labs (OBLs) and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) require a fresh perspective from imaging vendors. The Alphenix Aero Edition from Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. enables OBLs and ASCs to attain premium technology at a flexible price point by tailoring Canon Medical’s Alphenix systems to fit their facilities’ needs.

The new platform empowers vascular specialists to exercise more control over the patient experience and quality of care, while increasing their productivity and offering the opportunity to capture a more significant source of revenue. Available in the Alphenix Core + (Alphenix Core + Aero Edition) or Alphenix Sky (Alphenix Sky Aero Edition) configurations with the option for a 12×12 or 12×16 flat panel detectors (FPD), the technology delivers images with clarity and precision and combines industry-leading dose optimization technologies with a powerful workstation and tableside tablet for enhanced workflow to provide patients with accurate and fast imaging. Additionally, the platform is scalable, allowing clinicians to apply certain future upgrades as their practice evolves.

“While hospitals get busier and reimbursement rates continue to change, the Alphenix Aero Packages fit an unmet need in the healthcare space, enabling OBLs to grow their businesses and ensuring all physicians have access to the latest technology to deliver clinical excellence at a feasible budget,” said Kristin Jones, acting managing director, Vascular Business Unit, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. “Canon Medical’s flexible solutions open doors for customers, and encourage innovation by providing access to clinical opportunity and expansion they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.”

Alphenix is part of Canon Medical’s suite of Collaborative Imaging tools which puts integrated imaging intelligence at the center of a patient’s journey. The initiative fuses multiple diagnostic imaging modalities with leading clinical applications to deliver holistic, optimized patient information to clinicians at the point of care.