The SurgiSlush system is an alternative, fully automated slush machine for the OR that eliminates the need for costly sterile slush drapes. It requires no additional cooling medium or re-sterilization of basins and other reusable components, providing a significant cost savings over other slush systems.

Sterile surgical slush is used therapeutically to reduce the organ’s need for oxygen and slow cellular damage to exposed organs or tissues, giving surgeons more time for treatment. It has applications in more than 400,000 cardiac, vascular, urologic, general and transplant surgical procedures annually in the U.S.

The SurgiSlush system requires no set-up; users create sterile slush inside sealed, secure sterile fluid containers so there is no exposure to slush drapes, open basins or the non-sterile environment prior to use. The slush can be produced when convenient and maintained for hours within the SurgiSlush or any refrigerator until needed. The mobile unit is non-sterile and can be positioned conveniently for use without taking up limited space in the sterile field.