C Change Surgical LLC has announced the full-market launch of Intelli-SLUSH re-usable slush containers for use with its SurgiSLUSH slush freezers to create the world’s first fully automated, re-usable slush system. The new slush system is designed to reduce direct costs and simplify the creation and usage of sterile slush.

For over 20 years, competitive slush units have required expensive, single-use slush drapes for every procedure, costing hospital users tens of thousands of dollars over their lifetime. C Change Surgical’s Intelli-SLUSH re-usable slush containers eliminate the expense and risk associated with the use of disposable slush drapes in 400,000 OR Today | Industry Insights | News and Notesannual U.S. procedures requiring sterile surgical slush.

“Our extensive research clearly showed that material management and clinical personnel across the entire U.S. strongly desired a less costly, safer alternative in the sterile surgical slush market,” states Patrick Kammer, C Change Surgical president and managing director. “After a highly successful initial market release, we are very optimistic about the full launch of the SurgiSLUSH with Intelli-SLUSH re-usable slush containers.”

“Beside reducing costs, our system delivers another very significant advantage regarding the risk of unintended contamination. Clinicians across the U.S. have clearly expressed a desire to move away from disposable slush drapes that can tear or puncture during use. Reducing infection risk is a primary objective of all surgical teams,” Kammer reports. “SurgiSLUSH now uses secure, closed Intelli-SLUSH containers that eliminate procedure-long exposure to draped, open slush basins.”

SurgiSLUSH with Intelli-SLUSH containers frees surgical teams from cumbersome intraoperative slush maintenance, allowing added focus on the surgeon and the patient. It saves valuable sterile field space because it creates slush where convenient, inside or outside of the O.R. This positioning flexibility reduces O.R. noise by eliminating the tedious agitating, mixing and chopping of solidified slush in the sterile field.

“With the push of a single button this system enables surgical teams to rapidly create and maintain perfectly smooth sterile slush, wherever and whenever convenient – even outside the O.R.,” states Kammer. “The system maintains perfectly smooth slush inside secure, re-usable containers for hours until needed.”

SurgiSLUSH with the Intelli-SLUSH bottle will be showcased at the upcoming 2015 AORN Conference and Expo. •