Black Diamond Video has announced that it has completed installation of a state-of-the-art Zero Footprint OR in the Huntair showroom in Phoenix, Ariz. The showroom displays the latest in OR integration solutions from Black Diamond Video, surgical lights and booms from Trumpf, and innovative CLEANSUITE laminar flow ventilation technology from Huntair.

“The partnership with Huntair developed naturally as both of our companies are best in class and are focused on designing and developing meaningful technologies for today’s OR,” says Devon Bream, Global Vice President of Medical Sales and Marketing for Black Diamond Video.

In the showroom, Black Diamond Video showcases its newly launched methodology for operating room design, the Zero Footprint OR, by positioning the IDSS equipment rack outside of the showroom’s mock operating room. BDV’s Zero Footprint OR approach locates BDV’s IDSS equipment rack outside of the operating room at a distance up to 1,000 meters without video signal degradation. By removing the rack from the operating room, BDV supports infection control and lends flexibility to architects and equipment planners.

Clients visiting the showroom are able to experience advanced features of Black Diamond Video’s IDSS including ultra HD 4K image management, multi-source windowing of surgical video, unique tablet-based viewing and control functions, and intuitive device auto-identification provided by BDV’s common connector technology. Clients can see firsthand how BDV systems integrate with boom, light and other equipment manufacturers.