Phyllis S. Quinlan, PhD, RN-BC, has released her new book “Bringing Shadow Behavior Into the Light of Day: Understanding and Effectively Managing Bullying & Incivility in Healthcare.”

The distraction of laboring within an unhealthy work environment will handicap the staff’s ability to make a genuine connection with their patients and provide safe care. This book provides health care leaders with a guideline for the assessment and management of the disruptive behaviors of bullying and incivility. The author declares that, “it is time to definitively address the behaviors that lurk in the shadows and undermine RNs and other professional caregiver’s vitality and resilience. How we treat each other is directly related to patient safety and how we engage with our patients and their families.”

Readers have posted reviews and comments on Amazon.

“I read her entire book in one night. Every bit of it was the hard truth, it was motivating and inspired me to make a difference in this situation as a nurse myself. Phyllis is a professional nurse, a legal consultant, and a life coach with great advice … Phyllis is a very down to earth person with wonderful advice. I highly suggest that you read this book if you are a victim or the culprit. She has a plan for both participants in the situation,” one reader shared.

“Phyllis Quinlan has a unique ability to captivate her readers. Her ability to hit head on the reality of what occurs in health care is amazing. This book highlights how we can fall victim to bullying behaviors, and how some of these behaviors can even go unrecognized as such. I highly recommend to anyone who is embedded in health care and cannot always see the forest from the trees,” another reader wrote.

“Unlike a number of authors who provide way too much research and too little practical application, Phyllis has written a reader friendly and comprehensive book that can give you insights into the shadow world of bullying and incivility,” one reader wrote. “Her book can be read in about an hour and the knowledge immediately transferred to the workplace. Every health care manager should have this book in their library!”

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