Ansell is proud to announce its 50th year designing and manufacturing Gammex surgical gloves. Innovation has been at the core of the brand since its inception, and that commitment will continue in the future, as evidenced by the launch of the company’s new Medical Solutions Innovation Centre in Melaka (Malaysia). In an era where rapid innovation and disruption are a constant, Ansell has achieved five decades of providing health care workers with surgical solutions that offer the comfort, safety and advanced allergy protection they demand.

Gammex surgical gloves were first introduced in 1965 by Harvey Ansell, the son of Ansell founder Eric Norman Ansell, who had the innovative vision of creating and packaging disposable gloves already sterilized for use via gamma radiation.

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary, Gammex is launching its newest glove with Sensoprene formulation – the non-latex underglove. This surgical underglove sets a new standard for allergy management, and when used in combination with Gammex Non-Latex Sensitive surgical gloves, offers easy identification of a glove breach with its contrasting green color. Ansell also provides Gammex products with Antimicrobial Technology (AMT), which are designed to help address the problem of surgical site infections (SSI) and help reduce the risk of microbial transmission. Though the products are only available for sale in select countries, Ansell is working with regulatory bodies across the globe to bring this innovative technology to market.

Ansell also looks to innovate in other ways that will benefit its end users. The company recently launched the newly designed SMART Pack for its Gammex gloves in EMEA. The new packaging will help with overall efficiencies – allowing doctors and nurses to easily grab and go – and is environmentally friendly. SMART Pack is scheduled to roll out globally in the coming months and will expand beyond Gammex into other surgical brands in the Ansell portfolio.

The new Medical Solutions Innovation Centre houses approximately 40 scientists and technicians, working in the areas of new product development, as well as product and process improvements for medical gloves. It also has a state-of-the-art pilot line accessible next door that will be used to expedite new product development and commercialization, investigate process efficiency improvements, as well as run trials to better understand the impact of process variables on glove quality.

To culminate the 50th anniversary global campaign, Ansell has partnered with Direct Relief to set a goal of donating 50,000 pairs of gloves this year. Every message captured to its global eCard, will equate to a donation of 50 pairs of gloves. To join Ansell in celebrating this milestone and to sign the Anniversary eCard, visit