Aethon Inc. introduces MedEx TraySafe, the next-generation automated kit replenishment solution, which was featured at the American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists (ASHP) Summer Meetings & Exhibition 2015 HELD June 6-10 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

med-ex-traysafeTraySafe automates the process and improves the safety of replenishing kits and trays. TraySafe tracks all medications distributed throughout the hospital as well. These capabilities reduce the time to process a kit while providing the tools to respond instantly to recalls, expired medications or audits.

TraySafe improves on current automated medication replenishment solutions by replacing the costly RFID tags normally added to each dose with a system that uses an industry-standard and data-rich 2D bar code. Recently passed legislation as part of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act mandates the use of 2D bar codes that include NDC number, lot number and expiration date on unit dose medications, and will be required in 2017.

Since it also creates an ultra-high resolution image of the tray that shows which medications are present and automatically detects if medication is in its proper place within the tray, TraySafe delivers a patient safety enhancement that is particularly critical in the emergent situations in which the trays are used. •