drymax2-300x213Launched in April under the Action umbrella of OR-focused offerings is the DryMax line of fluid management absorbent floor mats. Ensure a safe work environment with easy clean up, single-use mats. All four styles keep floors dry, protect staff, compliment different working conditions and can conserve resource consumption for items such as linens and labor.

The company offers the following four options:

• 2.4 Superabsorbent Mat – Small footprint, low profile design with max capacity of 9 L of water or 3.5 L of NaCl. Dual-side absorption in convenient, fit anywhere size.

• Triple Superabsorbent Mat – 3-segment, table-length design offers maximum coverage and capacity, absorbs 15 L of water or 6 L of NaCl. Create a flexible fluid barrier for troubled areas.

• CombiMat – Totally unique hybrid of anti-skid mat with superabsorbent “splash guard” that can easily fold to protect feet or equipment. Max capacity 15 L of water and 7 L of NaCl.

• XL Absorbent Mat – Anti-skid design ideal for standing/stools with single-side absorbtion.

“Action has always been supportive of the perioperative nurses and these products protect them from slips and falls, as well as decreases clean-up and turn-over times,” says Rick Olin, National OR Sales Manager of Action Products Inc.-Medical Products Group.

For information, visit www.4yourOR.com.