accessoryFor surgeons who require arthroscopic ankle procedures from a posterior approach or who need to use an alternative surgical tech-nique because of a patient’s anatomy, Innovative Medical Products has designed the De Mayo Ankle Distractor “ladder” accessory.

The attachment fits the end of the De Mayo Ankle Distractor frame and consists of six rungs or levels of elevation from which the ankle strap can be attached – the higher the rung or position allows for more distraction of the ankle. Unlike some other ankle distractors, the design of the IMP ankle distractor and accessory helps to prevent patients from sliding off the operating table.

The De Mayo Ankle Distractor gives the surgeon a better ap-proach to the surgical site while distracting the joint space to insert the surgical scope and instruments. The distractor is unlike other ankle distractors by reducing the counter pressure placed against the thigh in a typical procedure. Such pressure can lead to post-operative complications. The De Mayo Ankle Distractor is reliable and designed for all patients. Its ergonomic design allows the surgeon to face the ankle at the end of the OR table rather than working from the side of the ankle •