Italians Share Novel Operating Room Research Using UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer

UltraViolet Devices Inc. (UVDI) has announced new research demonstrating the UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer’s rapid disinfection of operating rooms between surgical procedures will be presented at this month’s Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) Spring Conference.

The Joint Commission issues Sentinel Event Alert on optimizing medication safety with smart infusion pumps

A new Sentinel Event Alert from The Joint Commission, “Optimizing smart infusion pump safety with DERS,” describes how built-in dose error reduction software (DERS) can improve patient safety.

Hensler Bone Press Receives CE Certification

Hensler Surgical Technologies has announced its newly obtained CE mark for the Hensler Bone Press (HBP).

Healthmark Offers New Anti-Fatigue Mat

Healthmark Industries has introduced an Anti-Fatigue Mat to its Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) product line.

AAAHC’s Conference Centers on Facing the Future Together … 1095 Strong

The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) welcomes organizations to attend its second virtual Achieving Accreditation conference of the year. Taking place December 7-10, the interactive, immersive conference is designed to help organizations learn about and prepare for their AAAHC survey while developing a deeper understanding of AAAHC Standards. The program will be led by highly qualified faculty and surveyors whose expertise enables deep dives into the Standards and the accreditation process from start to finish.

Scheduled activities feature opportunities to connect with Accreditation Services team members and visit virtual booths that are targeted to primary care or ambulatory surgery and procedural centers. Ongoing engagement and survey readiness to support AAAHC’s 1095 Strong, quality every day philosophy is the driving force behind Achieving Accreditation. Additionally, the conference will offer attendees the opportunity to virtually meet one-on-one with faculty and peers, promoting greater information transfer and networking opportunities.

“We encourage all attendees to take advantage of the virtual, one-on-one face time that Achieving Accreditation will offer using a specially designed online platform,” said Noel Adachi, MBA, president and CEO of AAAHC. “Having the opportunity to connect with people organically, ask questions, and discuss the Standards in more detail with peers as well as the AAAHC staff will help spread best practices and inspire organizations to continue their mission of improving health care quality through accreditation.”

Additionally, December’s conference will provide live panels, break-out sessions, and a comprehensive review of the recently launched v41 Standards. Content will be tailored to the needs of primary care and surgical/procedural organizations. Other sessions will include:

  • Strengthening Your Quality Improvement Journey
  • Core and Adjunct Standards
  • Preparing for Your Accreditation Survey
  • Understanding Life Safety Codes
  • Keynotes, Special Topics, and engaging virtual activities

“This educational conference is designed to have attendees leave with actionable next steps to better their organization’s overall quality of care provided,” said Hallie Brewer, senior vice president of learning and development at AAAHC. “Achieving Accreditation is the ideal conference for any organization seeking to obtain the necessary tools and resources to provide excellent health care or those looking to brush up on the Standards.”

The December conference sessions will be recorded and available on-demand for attendees to access through January 2, 2021.

For additional details about the program, including CEUs, AEUs, and online registration, please visit



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