For ambulatory surgery centers looking for more efficient and simplified ways to perform orthopedic foot and ankle surgeries and help reduce errors, the Medline Unite Cannulated Screw System is available for use in corrective procedures and fracture repairs. Medline launched the newly designed system of implants and instrumentation at the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association’s 2014 annual meeting in Nashville, Tenn.

Medline Unite is a unique system in which the implants and instrumentation are not only color coded so staff can easily match the size of the screws with the corresponding instruments, the contents of the tray system are organized in the order in which each item is used by staff during the procedure. This intuitive design makes the procedure more efficient for the surgical staff and surgeon and reduces the likelihood of errors. The implants are made of an advanced titanium alloy, which meets the stringent standards of the International Organization for Standardization.

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