EA Health and Synergy Surgicalists Announce Business Merger

Synergy Surgicalists – one of the nation's top providers of orthopedic and general surgicalist staffing for hospitals – and EA Health – a leading provider of physician staffing services and specialty physician on-call compensation solutions – have announced a business...

Surgery Exchange Launches Surgery Exchange Network

To cut down on inefficiencies and waste associated with implant procedures, Surgery Exchange is offering enhanced visibility and cost savings to device manufacturers. Surgery Exchange is a specialized suite of software solutions designed to support hospitals with...

SETi Plans Online Sales for Surface Disinfection Device and Portable Air Purifier with Violeds Technology

Sensor Electronic Technology Inc. (“SETi”), the first compound semiconductor for UV LED solutions (Violeds) and Seoul Viosys’ subsidiary, launches portable air purifiers of brand “VAC” and surface disinfection devices of brand “VSM+” with Violeds technology to reduce...

Quality improvement initiative certifies surgical residents as bilingual speakers

Communication between patients and health care professionals is essential to the safe and effective delivery of health care. More than 60 million residents of the United States speak a language other than English at home, with approximately 22% self-identifying as...

“What’s Your Resolution?” Contest

CONTEST WINNERS ANNOUNCED:  Considering all of the great submissions that we had over this 2-month period, we decided it was only right to have TWO winners!

So, congratulations are in order … AND prize packs on their way! … to:

Barb Scott, from Presence St Joseph Medical Center in Joliet, Illinois

– “Provide incentive and support to the 10 co workers to prepare for and successfully complete the CNOR exam in 2014”

Jon Peterson, from WakeMed Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina.

– “Continue to build on previous LEAN projects and continue to reduce theoverall turnover rates for Surgical Services.  This impacts physician satisfaction, patient satisfaction, and case throughput.  We’re working to keep all of the various cogs moving together on this, from scheduling, pre-admission testing, pre and post operative departments as well as operative teams.”

In addition to prize packs with ORToday t-shirts and other OR gifts, they will each be able to treat their departments to lunch on OR Today Magazine!



Our honorable mentions for great stories of personal and departmental 2014 goals go to:

Cecile Cherry

– “I have resolved, yet again, to eat healthy on a consistent basis – and this yearI’m really going to do it!”

Sherry White

– “Not only am I committing to a healthier lifestyle, I am trying to live more in themoment. By that I mean to be totally focused on what I am doing at that moment and not letting my mind race on to things that I need/want to do later. If my colleague is asking for my opinion or a patient is telling me a story I want to focus on what they are saying/asking and not be thinking about the project that is on my desk or what I need to do when I get off of work. Same goes for at home – I want to focus on my home life while at home and not on what will be waiting for me the next day at work.”

Robin Webb

–  “My goal is to get fit and lose 50 pounds this year.  I am going to excerise at least 3 times per week and completely change my eating habits.”

Susan  See

– ” Cost savings”




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